Back Story

Back Story

How to Discover Your Brand with Your Back Story

Lauran Star interviews Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach


Living True to Your Essence

Are you still looking for your brand?  Your core message?  Your tag line?  Your headline?  Your elevator speech?

Look into your past.  What life challenge or adversities have you overcome that have shaped who you are and informed what’s important and most meaningful to you?  In other words, what is your backstory?  Have you noticed that many of the top authors and motivational speakers have their “story” that has shaped their life work.

Your backstory doesn’t need to be tragic like many you’ve heard, but perhaps may be a life-altering experience, a big shift in direction, or an inspirational moment.



My Backstory

I invite you to listen to this ContactTalk Radio broadcast as Lauran Star introduces the power and efficacy of coaching.  Lauran invited me to share my backstory of personal transformation that led me to coaching.  That experience clearly shaped my particular brand and the nature of my work, my vision, and my mission.  I believe that the key to living the life and doing the work you love is living true to the essence of who you are.  That’s who I am and my brand!

I shared how I transformed my life through my journey of work-a-holic breakdown to breakthrough, and I shared how you too can learn practical ways to live from your essential nature.


Finding Clues from Your Back Story

What is a life story your can tell often is social settings? Is it a highlight such as a magical moment, epiphany, meaningful event, etc., or is it a great adversity, such as a death of a loved one, health challenge, or business loss, etc.?

I have a client who lost everything material in her life within three minutes time. A fire broke out in their home. She grabbed the baby out of the crib, and she and her husband got out as the whole house went up in flames. She didn’t even have any shoes on.  This experience was transformational for her in confronting that loss and finding out who she is at her core strengths and values.  She is now a coach specializing in coaching people who have experienced significant loss.

I have a friend and colleague who experienced several family members dying unexpectedly in a very short period of time. In his grieving he found that journaling on gratitude daily helped him heal.  He is now The Gratitude Guy, a motivational speaker on the subject of “Gratitude.”

Designing Your Marketing Strategies

Once you discover your core message, the next step is to design all your marketing strategies to align with your core message.

For example, check out these additional products by me – all variations on my core message: Living True to Your Essence, and you will see how I have expressed by message as my brand – all from drawing on my backstory experience and you will also see how I am monetizing in a variety of ways.


Living True to Your Essence (MP3 download): $7.59 – Visit this page to see what you can discover by listening to this interview with Fran.

“I listened and I was bowled over by your brilliance. Not only did your personal story touch me deeply, but the story of Hanna brought tears to my eyes.  I am so thankful that I listened to this audio. I will listen to it over and over again.” —E.P. Optimal Performance Consultant/Coach

YouTube video (4 min)  What Questions Are You Living In?    See the Offerings page.


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