Breakthrough to Destiny

Breakthrough to Destiny

Breaking Through to Your Unfolding Adventure


Have you ever been nudged by a subtle inner feeling that something wanted to emerge or change, but you couldn’t figure out what it was?  And, your sense of it was that the ‘something’ was going to be fairly significant, exciting, and desirable?


Questions for Reflection

  1. What ‘calling’ are you noticing beyond the one you are living now?
  2. What do you think might be the next step for you in reaching the destiny you are drawn to?
  3. When you sense your inner wisdom, what three aspects of your highest self are you not yet acting on?
  4. Which one of the three are you drawn to focus on first?

That feeling was occupying my gut awareness for about two years. I was also feeling stagnant, stale, and uninspired. I was feeling out of integrity with myself in my line of work. I had slipped into a comfort zone and I hadn’t been keeping myself on a learning or growing edge.


Reflection on Those Questions

It was clear to me that a course correction wasn’t simply taking a class.  No, this was something much deeper—more like this inner nudging was calling me forth to a new level of the destiny I’m here to fulfill—urging me to become more of who I am.  The question was NOT “What is it?” but rather, “How do I choose to be with this?”

I know from past experience that trying to figure it out is fruitless.  So, with the help of my coach I discovered a metaphor and designed an inquiry that would shift my orientation from trying to figure it out to being open, curious, trusting, and allowing: “How do I listen and look for what’s beyond my courtyard?”


A New Dynamic On My Destiny

With this question as my lens on the world, I found myself being more curious as to what a newspaper headline might be showing me, or a situation was gifting me, or a dream was telling me.

I also noticed aspects of myself, such as confidence, vulnerability, and humor showing up like, “Wow,” this is more who I want to be ‘being!”

And then, flood gates opened up offering me grander opportunities for my work—dream clients and dream work, stretching me into exciting new territories of being.  When I shared this breakthrough with my coach, he invited me to articulate this new dynamic of my destiny in a title for an article.  I said: “Breaking Through to my Unfolding Adventure.”

The form is still unfolding and it is a grand adventure.  What have I learned?  Be open, curious, trusting, and allowing.  It’s the ONLY way to fly!

What is the title of your unfolding adventure?

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