Coaching Mastery Tip 5

Coaching Mastery Tip 5

If you are ready to move beyond your current comfort zones and reach for a new level of mastery in your coaching, consider these qualitative tips for guidance. This is the 5th in a 13 part mini blog series that will share Thirteen Qualitative Coaching Mastery Tips.  I hope you enjoy them! – Fran Fisher MCC


Emphathy and Caring

Being empathetic and caring supports the competencies of Creating Trust and Intimacy (creating a safe space for our clients) and Creating Presence (who we are being that provides an open, flexible, curious, and trustworthy partnership for the client).

  • Empathy asks us to withhold judging the behavior of others and instead, do our best to take the empowering, compassionate, or understanding view.
  • Caring asks us to connect heart to heart.

Questions You Might Ask Yourself

  • How well do I self-manage my judgments, or temptations to offer my advice, opinions, perspectives?
  • What daily habits or practices support my physical, emotional, and mental well being?
  • How well do I listen to others?
  • Who do I choose to be in partnership with my client?


Inquiry:  When am I connected heart to heart with my client? When am not  connected?


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