Coaching Mastery Tip 7

Coaching Mastery Tip 7

If you are ready to move beyond your current comfort zones and reach for a new level of mastery in your coaching, consider these qualitative tips for guidance. This is the 7th in a 13 part mini blog series that will share Thirteen Qualitative Coaching Mastery Tips.  I hope you enjoy them! – Fran Fisher MCC


Intuitive Offering

Ever get information about the client or their issue that feels intuitive? This is a tricky one, because we want to be careful not to be attached to being right about our intuition.

Consider using that intuitive thought as a clue for crafting a curious question. For example: my intuition says this is an issue of trust. Instead of offering my intuition, I might ask, “What do you think the core issue is with that person?”

If you feel your intuitive thought will be a contribution, ask permission to offer it, and then check in, “how does that fit for you?” (unattached)

Sometimes paraphrasing the client’s words will reveal our intuition. Pay attention to how your client responds to what you said and follow through with relevance in the moment. Also, be careful to stay true to the client’s expression and meaning. Do not add something or take anything away. That would reveal your own agenda.


Inquiry:  How do I offer my intuition without attachment?


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