Coaching Mastery Tip 8

Coaching Mastery Tip 8

If you are ready to move beyond your current comfort zones and reach for a new level of mastery in your coaching, consider these qualitative tips for guidance. This is the 8th in a 13 part mini blog series that will share Thirteen Qualitative Coaching Mastery Tips. I hope you enjoy them! – Fran Fisher MCC


Provoking New and Different Perspectives/Thinking

  • Take off those training wheels – those lists of powerful, perfect questions.
  • Clear your desk of all the Post-It Notes.
  • Focus fully “over there” without your attention on yourself. Connect with your client. Breathe with your client.
  • Access your heart and gut wisdom.
  • Let your head knowledge float freely.
  • Allow yourself to respond to what the client offers in the moment.


Inquiry:  How do I access and trust my creativity?


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