Coaching Mastery Tip 9

Coaching Mastery Tip #9

DepthOfExploration-FranFisherCoachIf you are ready to move beyond your current comfort zones and reach for a new level of mastery in your coaching, consider these qualitative tips for guidance. This is the 9th in a 13 part mini blog series that will share Thirteen Coaching Mastery Qualitative Tips. I hope you enjoy them! – Fran Fisher MCC

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DEPTH of exploration of the WHO of the client

Coach the client’s relationship to their issue versus their issue. Asking WHO questions facilitates the client in accessing their innate empowering qualities, such as strengths, empowering beliefs, core values – their greatness!

  • Explore for the issue underneath the issue; what is the REAL issue? (The presenting “issue” is usually not the “real” or underlying issue).
  • What is important or meaningful for the client to address this topic now? This is for exploring their motivation.
  • What/how ARE they feeling about this issue? How do they WANT to feel?
  • Exploring their beliefs, values, strengths, etc. related to this issue (or desired outcome) will help the client learn about themselves.

Inquiry: How well do I explore my client’s relationship to his/her issue?

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