Team Coaching

Team Coaching - Fran Fisher CoachTeam Coaching

Team Coaching – Living Systems Approach:

  • Leadership teams
  • Project teams
  • Teams in crisis
  • Start-up teams
  • Teams at all organizational levels, and
  • Virtual teams
In collaboration with Adria Trowhill, MCC, we are leaders in the creation of tools and processes for high performance team coaching. Our team coaching model is ‘out-of-the-box’ and has a proven ability to positively impact productivity and performance. We commit fully to your success and create an environment of support and challenge, risk taking and safety, where learning can naturally occur.In partnership with organizational leaders, we have co-created customized processes for change that have enhanced results and transformed organizational cultures at a variety of levels. We believe that how each individual shows up impacts overall team performance. Therefore, our team coaching is designed with a focus on individual as well as collective self discovery and learning for:

  • Increased performance and results
  • Change and transformation
  • Innovative thinking
  • Strategic action
  • Challenge and accountability


  • Evokes authenticity, courage and commitment
  • Increases accountability
  • Increases individual and organizational awareness
  • Increases performance and productivity
  • Enhances both the individual and team performance
  • Unleashes creativity
  • Builds deep alliances among leaders
  • Promotes purposeful leadership
  • Transforms the work culture
  • Team members are fully engaged, feeling fulfilled and valued

How it works:

  • Initiated with one or two day off-site retreat that creates foundation for the process
  • Series of on-going periodic sessions (1/2 to 2 day, etc.)
  • Co-designed with client in partnership
  • Creates an environment of trust that supports authentic communication
  • Confronts difficult conversations
  • Establishes a vision of who the team will be and how the team is going to move forward its goals
  • Highly focused on organizational goals
  • Brings values to life in the culture