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Coaching Skills for Managers

Engaging the Hidden Potential in Organizations

In today’s highly competitive market place, business models are transmuting to new paradigms that are beyond what organizations have experienced in the past. We are moving from a period where business goals were met by a process of dominance over others, to an age of co-creation and shared vision, where power and responsibility are balanced with skills and accountability.

Corporations world wide are beginning to recognize the power and effectiveness of utilizing both internal and external coaches and the value of applying coaching skills and tools in their day to day business operations. Surveys have shown improvements in productivity, quality, customer service, reduced customer complaints, retaining employees, cost reductions, and bottom-line profitability. Coaching is a highly effective paradigm for transformational change.

Coaching Skills for Managers is an introduction to the power and effectiveness of coaching skills and principals for the manager’s tool kit. Participants will learn fundamental coaching skills for enhancing their empowerment skills with their direct reports and teams. Participants will learn to apply these skills and tools through observation and hands on practice, so they can be more effective.


  • Enhance communication and people skills
  • Heighten trust and accountability
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Transferable personal and professional skills

Attendees will learn:

  • Fundamental principles of the coaching paradigm for a manager’s tool kit
  • How to connect with their ability to bring about change and transformation
  • How as managers using coaching skills, they can call forth greater authenticity and accountability, and increase trust with individuals and teams
  • Practical tools for immediate application in personal and professional relationships

How it works:

Custom designed to be a 1, 2, or ideally — 3 day workshop course. Follow up in-person or teleclass integration sessions and individual or group coaching is also available.