360 Assessments - Fran Fisher360 Assessments

Customized in-person survey process for leaders

This is a unique and highly effective approach to the 360 process that will provide you with specific in depth feedback for your leadership direction. Through comprehensive confidential in-person conversations we will gather information on which to base your leadership development plans.


Builds self-confidence by clarifying leadership strengths and the gifts leaders bring to your organization. Clearly defines specific behavioral changes that will enable full actualization of leadership potential.

How it works:

In-person 360 feedback survey of key participants; feedback session for the leader, and planning session for moving forward. The process takes between 4-6 weeks. Follow up coaching is available and can be included in the package.

Focus areas are customized with the client. Questions may include the following:  

  • Leadership – What are the demonstrated qualities of your leadership? What is your leadership style? How is your leadership impact felt by others?
  • General Strengths – What does your team believe they can count on you for? How are you modelling the organizational values? What does your team need more of from you?
  • Team feedback – How is your leadership team perceived by others in the organization? What is the level of collaboration? What do other employees need more of from your team?
  • Communication – How clear are you communicating your company’s vision? How compelling is your personal vision for the company? How clear are your communications about performance expectations? Team process? Setting directions?
  • Interpersonal Relationships – What is the quality of your relationships with others? How do these relationships support the business? How are you perceived by your stakeholders?
  • Presence – How do you ‘show up’ in your leadership? What is the power of your presence as a presenter? What are the qualities of your presence in the organization?

EQ in Action Profile Assessments

Emotional Intelligence is all about relationships. It is created and sustained in relationships. Whether you are a leader, a manager, a consultant, or team member, achieving results requires the ability to work well with others in good and difficult times.

EQ in Action Profile is based on developmental and neurophysiology theory, plus years of clinical, educational, consulting, and training work. And it has undergone high-level statistical analyses.

This tool provides individuals a profile of their basic internalized relational map that has been developed through life experience from infancy to this moment. The report profiles an individual’s relationship strategies in different difficult contexts.

EQ in Action measures the three capacities of emotional intelligence: Self-Reflection, Self-Regulation, and Empathy, which provide the foundation for development of the larger array of competencies and skills. When these capacities are well developed the competencies follow with ease.


  • Increase awareness – self and other
  • Identifies opportunities for development
  • Better decision-making ability
  • Improve “people skills”

How it works:

  • About 45 minutes “on line” of interaction with the tool watching 8 live real situation vignettes
  • Summary Report Profile provided within 24 hours, graphically displays the individual’s level of fitness
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Includes an EQ Fitness Tool-Kit with a wide variety of practice options for each dimension measures
  • Personalized interpretive consultation and follow up coaching services available