Coaching Skills for Mentors

Service - Fran FisherCoaching Skills for Mentors

This course is for those who want to:

  • Develop and support successful, high performing, highly satisfied employees who are clear about their career path development process.
  • Help employees design their own futures, and provide a supportive environment that opens and improves communication, delegation skills and accountability.
  • Include elements of continuing education, career planning, and professional development in the company culture.
  • Provide coaching skills training that will augment the ability of leader/mentors to effectively support employees.

Benefits — when a Mentoring Program is working well the following can be expected:

  • Staff communications are excellent and their career and questions are answered
  • Staff interests and aspirations will be known
  • People will be positioned to have their performance effectively evaluated
  • Staff needs are being assessed
  • Staff development is being managed
  • Staff and staffing problems are being solved
  • Staff needs and organizations needs are linked

This highly experiential workshop will include:

  • Customized course materials
  • Clarification of distinctions of coaching
  • Terminology, tools and technology of effective coaching
  • Opportunities to explore natural coaching strengths and to identify skills to be further developed
  • Practical application of the guiding principles of coaching
  • Demonstration of coaching skills by the facilitator
  • Coaching exercises and constructive feedback for the participants

How it works:

  • The course will be custom designed for your organization
  • Three in-person half day workshops for the mentors spaced approximately one month apart. On site or off site.
  • One 2-hour Introduction to Coaching Skills for all staff members/mentees. The objective of this session will be to introduce the coaching/mentoring concepts and create the foundation for success, in which the mentors and mentees are working together in alignment and on purpose.
  • Follow up monthly or quarterly individual or group coaching available