Coaching the Leadership Edge

Leadhership - Fran FisherCoaching the Leadership “Edge”

This course is designed for leaders to familiarize you with the coaching model and how it is applied in a professional context. You will learn and practice working with the assumptions, principles, and competencies used by coaches to facilitate personal and professional development and to support change using the inner experience as the foundation for action and learning. The leader coach listens, asks questions, and applies skills, tools, and principles to enhance learning and forward the action toward a new desired state or goal. Who the leader coach is “being” is a major factor in the degree of success attained. It is important that the leader is encouraging, believes in the client or employee’s ability to attain their goals, and remains nonjudgmental and unattached.


  • Positively impact overall personal and organizational performance
  • Increase trust and accountability
  • Enhance creativity and productivity
  • Make better decisions
  • Experience greater personal and professional fulfillment
  • Enhance contribution in the workplace.

Coaching: The Leadership “Edge” skills training will support leaders to:

  • Enhance their effectiveness with interpersonal processes, including career planning, professional development, performance management and matching people with opportunities;
  • Be key communication points and effective facilitators for resolving issues; and
  • Model effective coaching behaviors in the workplace.

Course includes:

  • Customized course materials
  • Clarification of distinctions of coaching, including what coaching is and what it is not;
  • The terminology, tools and technology of effective coaching;
  • Opportunities to explore natural coaching strengths and to identify skills to be further developed;
  • Practical application of the guiding principles of professional coaching;
  • Demonstration of coaching skills by the facilitators, as well as coaching exercises and constructive feedback for the participants