Essential Nature Quality of Life

Essential Nature Quality of Life


Clarity about my Essential Nature impacts the quality of my life.  To discover and clarify who you really are, you must look inward to the very core of your being, to your essential nature. The coaching process helps clients discern what essential nature is and what it is not.  Much like the metaphor of Michelangelo cutting away everything that was not “David,” thereby revealing his beauty and magnificence.

I re-define vision, purpose and values in way that is self-empowering and transformational for the client. By embracing this framework, the client shifts their world view from outside-in to inside-out.  As we live from the ‘inside-out”, we transform who we are being in relationship to our circumstances in life.

There are three essential questions humanity has been asking since the dawn of consciousness:

     Who am I?

     What is my Purpose?

     How do I live it?

My coaching process helps clients answer those core questions for themselves.

Vision = Being   Who am I?  Vision is defined as an inner vision, not the typical vision of an ideal future, but rather an inward recognizing the essence of who I am – the nature of my essential “being.”

Purpose = Doing  What is my Life Purpose?  I assert that our grand purpose is to “be” true to who we are.  So, my life purpose is what I do that empowers me to “be” my essential self.

Values = How   How do I live my vision and purpose?  By living true to certain guiding principles that honor our true self.  For example, my top values include: Integrity, Partnership, Excellence, Gratitude, and Freedom.  The quality of our lives is directly related to the extent that we honor our values.

When we stand in the center of ourselves, and we look at life’s circumstances through the lens of our vision, purpose, and values, we can make more empowering choices (inside-out) versus letting the circumstances chose for us (outside-in.) The results are more joyful and harmonious. We experience more freedom from fear, more well-being, ease, prosperity, etc.

Our thoughts drive our behavior, which results in our experience and outcomes.  Acting from my “false self,” my behavior tends to be more reactive, critical, competitive, blaming, and controlling.  My experience feels more diminished, at the effect of the circumstances, energy draining, victimized, and powerLESS.

Acting from my “true self” my behavior tends to be more responsible, accepting, allowing, responding, collaborative, and trusting. My experience and outcomes are more energizing, expansive, and powerFULL.


“Musicians must make music, artists must paint, and poets must write if they are to be ultimately at peace with themselves.  What human beings can be, they must be.  They must be true to their own nature.”
—Abraham Maslow

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