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Love, Community, Freedom

Our Vision: We are a passionate community of heart-centered visionaries, connected by the light of possibility, essence, and hope for youth – our leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission: As a non-profit organization our mission is to provide inspired resources for learning, growth, and transformation, building a world wide community of people who are living rich and fulfilling lives, regardless of any external economic, social, cultural, geographic, or political circumstances.

FJFisher Youth Foundation

FJFisher Youth Foundation will provide a simple and rewarding venue for tax deductible contributions for individuals and organizations who desire to support community service programs that are personally transformational and making a difference in the world.

The Foundation will specialize in sharing Living Your Vision®*** process and related programs for youth of all ages and youth at risk. For more information on the Living Your Vision process, click here.

Programs for youth will include structure and guidance for teachers and parents, so youth have support structures for success at school and at home.

Participants will be supported with resources, structure, synergy and facilitation in their personal growth. The FJFisher Youth Foundation will deliver a unique, technology for learning, growth and transformation –while honoring diversity and building a world-wide community of people living rich and fulfilling lives; living their vision, regardless of external economic, social, cultural, geographic, political, or other circumstances.

Pilot Program

In 2004-6, the Foundation engaged in fundraising activities to launch a pilot project for Seattle Lutheran High School. The director of the school and one of the teachers had already completed their coach training, so they could support the implementation of this program. We customized the LYV process for their unique high school curriculum. The groundwork was laid for the Class of 2008 to experience the LYV process in the spring of their sophomore year, launching them into a life of vision and purpose as they complete high school, plan for college, career, and a meaningful life. This pilot project would have opened the door for licensed LYV coaches to deliver the process to the teachers in the school as well as parents and family of these students so the youth have the support structure for success at school and at home.

Our fundraising efforts were unsuccessful in terms of raising the amount of money needed for this pilot program. OUR vision and passion remain strong for future opportunities with high schools, public or private, anywhere in the nation.

Imagine This . . .

Imagine a world where high school and college students experience Living Your Vision®? Imagine a world where young people could begin their adult life with a vision of who they are, how they are being called to serve the world, and a plan for living it, rather than waiting until they are 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years old to discover what their life is about?

Vision for Growth

Our vision for growth is to expand from this pilot project into other high schools and colleges in Seattle and BEYOND!!, as well as connect with community organizations that serve young people such as the YMCA/YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc. After we capture our learning and results of a pilot program we will be ready to expand.

Please look into your heart and discover how you want to participate and contribute.

***Living Your Vision® is a regitered trademark of I & AM, LLC dba inviteCHANGE