History of Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision Logo - Fran FisherHistory of Living Your Vision®

Historic Overview

Fran FisherFran Fisher Founded Living Your Vision® in 1990. Today, the media is filled with stories about people making personal and career changes as they reshape their definitions of success.

There is a growing awareness of the essential value of honoring the desires of the heart. Many are awakening to realize what it has cost them in their health, relationships, prosperity and self-esteem to stay stuck in lack of clarity, anger, frustration, blame, and loss of meaning.

Now, a profound understanding and acceptance of the importance for healing the wounds of misplaced values and embracing wholeness exists for each and every individual on earth.

This “awakening” has triggered a universal pursuit for finding effective ways to reclaim authenticity and personal power; reconnect with innate wisdom, intuition, spiritual guidance and the subtle messages of the heart; and to integrate body, mind, and spirit for a happier and more fulfilled life with balance.


In 1990, Fran Fisher and her partner at the time responded to their own call for wholeness, balance, and fulfillment as they co-created and implemented a heart-centered, holistic process they named “Living Your Vision.”They each birthed their own vision and purpose and then co-created a shared vision and purpose for their relationship. After that process, they designed a MasterPlan for their life, aligned with their vision and purpose, and then put that plan into action, successfully supporting each other in following through.

LYV logo 1990

In 1991, Fran began sharing this process with others for recognizing their heart’s desires and realizing their dreams. In 1994, with her clarity and inspiration, Fran expanded the scope of the work to share the opportunity with other professionals.In October 1995 she facilitated the first group of individuals in the LYV Licensing Certification Program, training and licensing them to share the Living Your Vision® process with their own clients.

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Today LYV enjoys an excellent track record. The power of the Living Your Vision® process is transformational.It is a highly effective pathway to extraordinary results and participants continue to rave about the magic they are creating as a result of working with the Living Your Vision® process. Clients enjoy breakthroughs, accomplishments, and even miracles in their lives.

LYV logo


Elements of the LYV logo:

Star – Light, Enlightenment, Energy, Magnificence, Creativity, Clarity

Circle – Wholeness, Completion, Process, Synergy, Integrity

Yin/Yang – Balance, Alignment, Natural Cycle, Masculine/Feminine,

Waves – Energy, Flow, Process, Breakdown/breakthrough, Action