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LYV© Testimonials

I cannot overstate the value of Fran’s work! I attribute the success of my business to my work with her. The weekly coaching calls alone are worth the price of the entire package.” – M.G.

Living Your Vision®” was like finding a bucket of water in the desert.” – J.V.

“My business tripled while working with Fran. My success has given me a sense of peace I had not expected.” – D.S.

The Living Your Vision® methodology is timely, complete, and instantly useful.” – W.S.

What I valued most bout my LYV experience: – Connection with others in safety, and non-judgment – My vision/purpose statement …and how it came about – Getting in touch with my inner self, and expressing it – Discovering my integrity, my gifts, other ways of being that can help me be a better person.” – D.B.

“Over the years, I have done what I consider to be a tremendous amount of personal growth work. And most of it, while very effective, was just that…work. The LYV process has been the most gentle process I have ever experienced. You made it spontaneous, easy and fun! How you bring in the Divine Truths and concretely bring them into the physical is magical. The process itself works because there is this continuous link between the highest soul vision and the physical reality in which the Highest Self lives. As a result of this weekend, I feel relaxed and at peace in a way I never had. Rather than walking away with only a lofty sense of who I am at my essence, I am walking away with aspirations, intentions and concrete, do-able action steps which will support me in living my purpose every day! How cool is that? The MasterPlan itself is the icing on the cake of a wonderfully enriching and spiritual experience, and also is the tool most necessary for translating the experience into everyday reality.” – J.R.

” LYV helped me focus on the key values in my life, and establish the priorities to actually achieve fulfillment of those values. The LYV process helped me achieve the clarity of my intentions and the means to live them to the fullest. Fran is a tremendous resource for anyone to have on their personal team, and I fully endorse her work and more importantly her quality as an individual. She’s outstanding.” – D.P.