Sample Vision and Purpose Statements

Living Your Vision Logo - Fran FisherSample LYV® Vision & Purpose Statements

Vision = Who you are; essence of your BEING
Purpose = What you DO that empowers you to BE your essential self
Symbol = Symbol of your essential self

I Am the graceful power and freedom of a soaring eagle. My purpose is to love God with all my heart by knowing and sharing His Word. Symbol: Eagle.


I AM a wise, caring, reliable, and empowering leader. My purpose is to provide an environment of integrity for learning, creativity, growth, and joy.


I Am a visionary integrator, a powerful, nurturing influence for transformation. My purpose is t o passionately facilitate change by articulating the vision, integrating hearts and minds, and modeling fitness.Symbol: Tree bursting with light


I Am a powerful goddess of ancient wisdom and healing, radiating natural beauty, gentle strength and compassion. My purpose is to trust and love myself unconditionally; to embody centeredness and balance thereby providing opportunities for freedom, creativity and wholeness. Symbol: Ancient stone tablet.


I Am a radiant being of Divine Love and Light. My purpose is to embody unconditional love, limitless joy, freedom and extraordinary strength. Symbol: Radiating circles of fluid light.


I Am the joyous expression of the Love of God. My purpose is to relax and giggle; let go and have fun! Symbol: Heart with bell inside.


I Am a strong, authentic champion committed to the full expression of life. My Purpose is to brilliantly reflect, acknowledge, and inspire the sacred responsibility of leadership in the world.


I Am the Breath of Life. My purpose is to bring more Life to life; to live life so whole-ly, freely, and passionately that Life shows through me as a celebration and sacred privilege. Symbol: Rainbow with stars.


I Am a trustworthy champion for the adventure, ready with resourcefulness and understanding to discover a shared truth. My purpose is to find and nurture the gifts that allow us to create together a safe place.


I Am an adventurous leader and seeker, grounded in spiritual optimism with a balance of power and gentleness. My purpose is to support dynamic leaders and their communities in the interconnectedness of all things.


I Am a willow tree, graceful, elegant and serene, bending and flowing in even the strongest winds; at peace, loved and loving, nurtured and nurturing. My purpose is to create the structure, the environment and the leadership that enables growth and fulfillment. Symbol: Willow tree.


I Am a passion’s warrior-magnificent powerful and courageous. Grounded in ancient wisdom and gratitude. My purpose is to co-create intimate connection by inspiring vulnerability and love in myself and others.


I Am a multi-faceted diamond, formed by the elements of life as a gift to mankind, reflecting intrinsic value, beauty and light, and guided by love and wisdom. My purpose is to love, inspire, empower and facilitate awakening to our uniqueness. Symbol: Diamond.


I Am a rare and radiant universal connector, joining Heaven and Earth, unleashing the winds of Hope and Peace, restoring unity in beauty, grace and love. My purpose is to trust my inner knowing, to mentor others as they discover their own wisdom, aligning body, mind and spirit, and celebrating uniqueness. Symbol: Cedar tree.


I Am the peaceful Buddha seated at the foot of the ancient redwood tree, balancing wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm, love, and peace of mind. My Purpose is to heal myself, live life to the fullest, and teach others to do the same. Symbol: Laughing Buddha