Masterful Coaching

Masterful Coaching

How to Embrace the Zen of Masterful Coaching



“The best way to do is to be.” – Lao Tsu


Guiding Principles for Highly Masterful Coaching

The simple secret is masterful coaching has more to do with who you are being than what you are doing.

  • Being leads doing.
  • Learning is central.
  • Deep caring is the key context.
  • Transformation is the purpose.
  • Empowering feedback is essential.
  • Deep listening is the key competency.


Highly Masterful Coaches are BEING

  • Confident exploring the unknown, taking risks, and calling forth the client‘s greatness.
  • Spontaneous in the present moment with the client, and to the whole of who the client is being – a completely connected observer.
  • Focused on eliciting the client’s learning and finding a more powerful sense of self.
  • Trusting at the level of unconscious competence.
  • Willing to be transparent, authentic, and vulnerable.


Inquiries to Ponder

  • Who am I being that calls forth my client’s greatness?
  • Who am I being that elicits trust and intimacy?
  • Who am I being that challenges my client’s personal/professional growth edges?

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