Masterful Coaching

How to Embrace the ZEN of Masterful Coaching

Fran Fisher, MCC

ZenofMasterfulCoaching-FranaFisherCoachThe simple secret is: masterful coaching has more to do with who you are being than what you are doing.

“The best way to do is to be.” – Lao Tsu

Guiding Principles for Highly Masterful Coaching

  • Being leads doing.
  • Learning is central.
  • Deep caring is the key context.
  • Transformation is the purpose.
  • Empowering feedback is essential.
  • Deep listening is the key competency.

Highly Masterful Coaches are BEING:

  1. Confident exploring the unknown, taking risks, and calling forth the client‘s greatness.
  2. Spontaneous in the present moment with the client, and to the whole of who the client is being – a completely connected observer.
  3. Focused on eliciting the client’s learning and finding a more powerful sense of self.
  4. Trusting at the level of unconscious competence.
  5. Willing to be transparent, authentic, and vulnerable.

Inquiries to ponder:

  • Who am I being that calls forth my client’s greatness?
  • Who am I being that elicits trust and intimacy?
  • Who am I being that challenges my client’s personal/professional growth edges?