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Fran Fisher MCC

Addicted to Work

I used to be a workaholic. By the way, my definition of a workaholic is people who define their worth by what they do—what they accomplish—not by who they are being. My experience coaching individuals in corporations during the last twenty-five years has been that Western culture supports, encourages, and rewards this behavior. It’s “outside-in” […]

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Reaching the Aha Moment

Often when clients say, “I don’t know,” what they really mean is that it’s uncomfortable to face the answer. When we trust our instincts as a coach, and help our clients give voice to their uncomfortable truths – we may just create a transformational  or “Aha!” moment.

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Positive Change

How are you in the face of personal or professional change? For me, it depends. Sometimes I respond with excitement. I surrender with ease, letting go of my emotional attachments. Other times I drag my heels, fight it, resent and resist, and play the victim of the circumstances.

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Choosing a Mentor Coach

Working with a mentor coach takes one part courage and two parts commitment. When you are ready to make the investment in notching up your confidence, sharpening your edges, or improving on the art and science of your coaching skills, hire a mentor coach.

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