The Cost of Not Living from Your Essential Self

The Cost of Not Living from Your Essential Self


Following is an excerpt of an interview with Fran Fisher, MCC, by David E Wright, President of Insight Publishing.


Not living from your essential self can have a greater effect on you than you might imagine…

Statistics tell us that 70 percent of all hospital visits are stress related. Stress is a manifestation of chronically unresolved situations and issues. What if stress is the body’s response to resistance, and resistance is the mental or emotional state of being out of alignment?

What if you could recognize the physical sensation or mental state of resistance before it manifests as illness or disease? What if you could recognize it as a signal that you are off course, so that you could bring yourself back to center?


Living Your Life in Stress Leads to Illness and Breakdowns

Stress burdens your immune systems and brings about more distress. The chemical messengers of distress – cortisol, adrenaline, and insulin – increase. They throw off the delicate pH balance because they increase acidity. Your body is designed to work best within a narrow, slightly alkaline range of 7.35 – 7.55 pH. With an excess of acid, efficiency of energy production in your cells is decreased, leading to loss of resilience to infection, viruses, and disease, and the ability of your cells to repair themselves. This contributes to fatigue, illness, and pain.


Emotions have Incredible Influence Over Your Physiology

They are an interface between your thoughts and perceptions and your physiological responses. If your mind judges an experience to be a bad one that must be resisted, it sends chemical signals to the body that bring about emotional states of being. When the emotional states become chronic you tend to get diseases related to those states.

For example, if you are chronically afraid or worried, you are open to diseases of over stimulation, leading to constant agitation and exhaustion of the body’s resources – an inability for the body to get enough nutrients and support. Over time, that can lead to high blood pressure, sleep disorders, chronic headaches, back aches, and anxiety.

All these factors weaken your natural defenses and impair your body’s innate ability to function properly and support you in fulfilling your dreams and missions. When I am being challenged to make a courageous choice, I often say to myself:

I want a body that supports me in fulfilling my vision and purpose. I want this body to be healthy, vital, and strong, because I want to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of making a difference in the world.

When you make choices in alignment with your essence, purpose, values, guiding principles, and values, you sustain a state of harmony, grace, and balance. In that state, your body can heal. You can grow stronger, more vital, and alive.

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