Unleash Your Possibilities

Unleash Your Possibilities

What Is The Key To Unleashing Your Possibilities?


The more you take actions that are aligned with your vision, purpose and values, the more you will experience a state of synchronicity, ease and flow.

With the confidence that comes with your clarity, you will

  • Step forward more boldly
  • Take more risks
  • Build on your strengths
  • Expand your capacities for more energy, more creativity, greater joy, increased prosperity, and well-being

In the new world you will have created, satisfaction and fulfillment are your greatest achievement.

In my coaching career, I have witnessed hundreds of unforeseen and seemingly extraordinary events unfold for people from unexpected sources and directions.  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reflected this phenomenon when he said:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Unleashing your greatest possibilities happens naturally as you are in action, living aligned with your values and true to your Essential Self.

Diana – Beyond Imagination

Diana hated her job and wanted to make a career change. She was a registered nurse. If she could have, she would have quit in a heartbeat, but she was a single woman living alone and needed the steady income.

We started her coaching process by discovering her vision, purpose, and values.

Vision:  I AM a radiant and vibrant human being, personifying the process of spiritual re-birth with creativity and playfulness.

My Purpose is to enjoy being; to experience my magical journey with passion, zest, and adventure; to share my journey playfully.

With this essential clarity, we brainstormed ideas for what she would enjoy as a career. Some of her ideas were: sales rep for a health products manufacturer, Professional clown, Travel agent, and TV Actress. We ended up with a list of her six strongest possibilities.

Then we designed an action plan for exploring each of them. The coaching over a period of several months consisted of Diana exploring these possibilities. Through a process of noticing what fit for her values, interest, and passion, over time, she eliminated all but one.

The one that remained with the most passion and best fit was professional clown.

Diana had an enormously engaging Julia-Roberts-smile. Fun-loving, artistic, creative, and movie-star-beauty. She would land a contract for a TV commercial from time to time, but the problem was that her work schedule at the county agency prohibited her ability to get to the auditions. She loved the acting and it brought in extra money.

Now that she had set her sights on the clowning, the job schedule was still a problem. She needed the time to go to clown school. In the San Francisco area where she lived there was a world-renowned clown school. It was located virtually right in her back yard, but she couldn’t get to the classes with her work schedule.

Again, we brainstormed options. The best solution was to search for a nursing position with flex time, so she could connect with the clown school class schedule.

The coaching over the next few weeks focused mainly on the job search process, brushing up her resume, distributing it, and following through with the interviews.

Don’t be a Victim of Your Circumstance

Happily, she was offered a job with a large hospital system as a flex time nurse. She accepted the job, and gave notice at the county agency. Two weeks after her last day at the agency, Diana came to the coaching session excited. “Fran, now that I am out of that place, I realize it isn’t the nursing that I hate after all; it was the environment at the county agency that I hated!”

What she realized in that coaching session was this: if she had quit her job in the heat of her reaction, she would have “thrown the baby out with the bathwater.”  With this insight, she calmed down. The sense of urgency that had been driving her was now gone. Her perspective shifted. She could let go of feeling like a victim of her circumstances and actually enjoyed her new nursing job that would support her to achieve her goal of becoming a professional clown.

About three months later, Diana’s clowning classwork involved inventing her clown persona and designing her costume. Apparently Diana had been sharing her process with her new friends at work, because her supervisor called her into the office one day and invited her to suit up and come to work the next day for a special event in the children’s ward. She would get paid that day for her nursing while she “clowned around.”  Or, as she put it: “I will get paid that day for “clowning” while I am nursing.”

A few months later her supervisor offered her a full-time position as a clown nurse. When Diana shared this amazing news with me, we celebrated the fact that in the beginning neither one of us imagined such a possibility existed. The magic unfolded out of her commitment to living her passion and trusting the process for getting there.

When we honor our vision, purpose and values, trust the process, take courageous steps forward, and act on our commitment, new possibilities will emerge that didn’t even exist before in our consciousness.  We couldn’t have known about those possibilities from our limited view.


“Musicians must make music, artists must paint, and poets must write if they are to be ultimately at peace with themselves.  What human beings can be, they must be.  They must be true to their own nature.”
Abraham Maslow



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