Winning in Sales and Life

3C Principle for winning in sales and life

FranNewBookpromoAnnouncing my NEW published BOOK! Empowerment Selling is a captivating story that’s not just written for sales people. It’s a business parable about how to lead our lives in all relationship situations.

The story revolves around the 3 C Principle: Connect, Clarify, and Cultivate – The coaching approach to sales.

By employing these actions on a daily basis we can have a profound positive effect on the life of others, and in turn our own.

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Fran Fisher and Mark Bornstein have managed to create a book on sales that is for people who hate sales. I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone, whether they are in business or just wanting to create more win/win relationships. Justin Blaney.

How do you engage a prospect in a meaningful conversation about satisfying their needs without coming across as overbearing or manipulative? Empowerment Selling presents a powerful framework for professionals who detest the thought of coercing and convincing prospects to buy. Their book is a quick read with easy, actionable ideas to convert prospects into clients and build long-lasting relationships.  Berry Zimmerman, Founder,

Connect Clarify CultivateThe 3C Principle


Start by asking your clients: “What is the one thing I can help you with today?”

  • Be service oriented versus sales focused
  • Be caring and fully present; LISTEN deeply
  • Be considerate of the client’s agenda, not mine
  • Be a collaborative partner
  • Be committed to the quality of the relationship 


Ask: “What is most important and best for you?”

  • Support the client in identifying what is best for them
  • Assist the client is clearing the barriers to what they need
  • Explore options and generate possibilities
  • Empower the client’s decision-making process
  • Acknowledge and respect their choices


Ask “How can I continue to support your success?”

  • Facilitate the client:  what/when/how they will proceed
  • Reinforce the value of the relationship
  • Plant seeds for continuing the relationship
  • Trust in the process/outcome (I + A = M)
  • Acknowledge the client

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