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Fran Fisher MCC

Addicted to Work

I used to be a workaholic. By the way, my definition of a workaholic is people who define their worth by what they do—what they accomplish—not by who they are being. My experience coaching individuals in corporations during the last twenty-five years has been that Western culture supports, encourages, and rewards this behavior. It’s “outside-in” […]

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Coaching Wisdom Five

Coaches are committed to facilitating clients in shifting who they are being in relationship to their “issue.”  The goal of the coaching process is transformation versus fixing or problem solving.

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Coaching Principles

Sacred Space is an honoring, caring, safe environment that is clear of distractions for the client. The greater your ability to remove the distractions that you cause in the conversation, the more your client will show up to themselves; the more they can hear what they are thinking; the more they can feel what they […]

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