I love working with clients who are “going for the gold!”  Through these advanced learning opportunities, my clients continue to achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment as well as make extraordinary contributions in the world!

As your coach and mentor, I am your partner and champion, supporting you to take your life and your coaching career to the next level.  Through coach mentoring, you will accelerate your learning and coaching skills development, feeling empowered to achieve what calls you to greatness, while building your confidence and credibility.

My Qualifications as a Coach Mentor

I am proud of being one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of professional coaching.  In 1991, I developed  “Living Your Vision™, the forerunner to My Innate Nature™ and in 1997, I founded the Academy for Coach Training (ACT) in Bellevue, WA, serving as President and CEO until 2006.  We developed curriculum that provided a highly transpersonal/spiritual approach to coaching skills training that aligned with transformational principles and skills.

With a vision for how coaching can help to significantly improve our quality of life, I have been a voice for coaching and a coach mentor to help maintain the highest levels of professionalism.  As an executive board member for the International Coach Federation (ICF) first international association, I helped develop and establish the credentialing program for aspiring coaches and coach training schools, the skills competencies, ethics, and coaching standards.  I am recognized by the ICF as a Master Certified Coach, the highest designation available.  Along the way, I also have acquired the following experience:

  • Thirty years of experience as a trained ICF Assessor for PCC and MCC accreditation applicants
  • Adler International School – Student Mentor and Assessor
  • Director of Training – BALM Institute, Family Recovery Life Coach Training
  • University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management, Coach Training – Student Mentor and Assessor
  • The MMS Institute – Master Mentor

Individual Coach Mentoring

I work with coaches who are passionate about continuous learning and personal growth adventure.  If you are ready to:

  • Enhance your coaching mastery to greater competence
  • Pass your ICF written and oral exams with confidence and ease
  • Stretch yourself into new learning territories
  • Leverage your strengths and passion for a breakthrough to your next level of competencies

Let’s talk about how my tailored mentoring program can help you get there!  Your individualized Mentoring Program would include:

  • Ten hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions in a variety of formats, customized to support your highest and best learning and growth
  • Submission of your recorded client calls for my review, plus my written and verbal feedback and debriefs for each
  • Direct feedback based on the ICF Core Competencies, PCC Markers, and MCC Minimum Skills Requirements

For more information and to enroll, please reach out to me via the Contact page.

Inspiring Competence Virtual Mentoring Program for Small Groups

Speaking of going for the “gold,” this 5-month small group mentoring program is a great opportunity for you to step into a powerful yet intimate and safe learning environment with like-minded and like-spirited peer coaches.

Inspiring Competence Group Mentoring

Inspiring Competence Virtual Group Mentoring Program is for experienced coaches who are passionate about continuous learning and personal growth adventures.  Together, we:

  • Empower your personal learning, growth, and transformation
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients
  • Enhance your coaching skills for accessing the transformational zone
  • Learn in the safety of supportive connections in your small group of peers
  • Earn 26 ICF CCEUs and 3 ICF RDs and/or fulfill your required 10 hours of mentoring if needed

This program includes:

  • Exploration that reveals your innate nature and leads the way to how to live and work true to the deeper essence of who you are
  • Creating your NEW STORY of self-empowerment personally and professionally
  • Feedback pointing to the MCC level of ICF Competencies

There are also some exciting changes to the Inspiring Competence mentoring program beginning with the September 2024 program!  This mentoring program is being expanded to include additional master coaches as mentors.  And, the number of CCEUs and RDs have increased as well.  Check out the details here on the Inspiring Competence page.

Please note:  the July 2024 IC course is full.  The next available Inspiring Competence Program is September, 2024, to January 20, 2025.  We will be meeting on Mondays: 9AM (PT), 10 AM (MT), 11 AM (CT), 12 PM (ET).  Download the September 2024 Inspiring Competence Program flyer here and the September 2024 registration form here.

Thank you for your wisdom, insight and feedback—and your encouragement!  When I look back at how much I have learned in this class, it is mind-boggling.  I know this experience has stretched me, changed me, and caused me to grow tremendously as a coach.

Denise T., PCC