Self-Paced Mentoring Programs

Two Self-Paced Audio Mentoring Programs for Coaches


I offer two self-paced audio mentoring programs for coaches:  My Portable Mentor (MPM) and The Wisdom Way Coach Mastery (WWCM) programs.  Both of these programs are composed of audio modules designed to be time-flexible so you can listen to the modules as often as desired.  Supplemental resource documents are included with each program, adding to the long-term value of each.  These programs are investments in your coaching profession.  Once purchased, you have “life time” access to the materials on my website and they can be downloaded as often as needed.  Additionally, these programs are updated as needed to ensure they represent the latest ICF information regarding core competencies and credentialing requirements.

My Portable Mentor

My Portable Mentor (MPM) focuses on the ICF Core Competencies in general terms as an aid to achieving the PCC designation.  Read more about MPM here.

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery (WWCM) offers advanced learning that builds on the foundational concepts provided in My Portable Mentor.   WWCM focuses on the ICF PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials required to demonstrate the skills and competencies needed for the PCC and MCC designations.  Distinctions between PCC and MCC expertise are emphasized for clarity, and recorded demos highlight the advanced competencies required to become an MCC.   Read more about WWCM here.

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