Advanced Certified Mentor Coach Training

Achieve Greater Coaching Mastery
with Advanced Certified Mentor Coach Training

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“Fran, what you bring to coach mentoring is energy, passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity. You care deeply about people and those you work with while holding to a strong set of standards for yourself and others…As for the ICF competencies, you bring them to life and are able to demonstrate them so they are clearly understandable. It is this mix of energy and strength that I value so much.

Working with you, it’s clear that it’s not just about “getting there” — you really encourage coaches to live those principles. You’ve served as a role model for me, and I particularly valued how you demonstrated the art of listening. I also learned what contracting with the client truly means from the way you mentored me.

Your resource materials are excellent, and you always had somewhere to point me so that I could learn for myself. I am deeply grateful for what you shared with me through the mentoring process, and how it all continues to help me and my clients.”

Charlie Brockhoff, PCC
Executive Coaching and Leadership
Stewart Leadership

Advanced Certified Mentor Coach Training Program

The essence of MCC coaching is providing space for the client’s greatness and a connection to the whole of who the client is being.  The coach lets go and trusts at the level of unconscious competence.  The coach lets go and trusts at the level of unconscious competence.— Fran Fisher, MCC


This is advanced level, rigorous Mentor Coach training program for coaches who are:

  • Feeling the call for mentoring coaches going for their PCC or MCC accreditation
  • Ready to stretch into new development territories
  • Inspired to leverage their strengths and passion for greater contribution
  • Committed to high standards of professional ethics and excellence

You will:

  • Earn 22 ICF CCE and 2 Resource Development credits
  • Gain greater professional confidence
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients
  • Consider adding another coaching service and income stream to your portfolio
  • Receive a certificate with the designation that states you are certified to be a Mentor Coach



The next available ACMC training class is August 15 to October 24, 2024.  For more information about the course and the dates, fee, etc., please download the ACMC Program Description flyer here and the ACMC Program registration form here

Please reach out to Fran directly via the contact page if you have any questions about the training.    

Hi!  I am Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach. I will be your guide and facilitator, drawing on my 30 years of coach training and mentoring.

I created this course based on the personal insights and spiritual growth that I’ve experienced as an ICF MCC mentor and assessor. Yes, spiritual growth. Over the years, I have become more conscious and confident in my stand for the personal/spiritual growth that is required to achieve that soulful state of being free of ego attachments. I am inspired to offer this program for making a meaningful contribution in our world.

About the Program

The Advanced Certified Mentor Coach Training Program includes

  • Breakthrough Intention Worksheet pre-course assignment
  • Resource Manual with PCC and MCC Observer Feedback forms
  • Feedback focused on mentoring for MCC
  • Assignments between sessions
  • Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery II Audio Program with library of MCC recordings
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of an ICF Mentor Coach
  • Preparation form for sharing your learning and reporting your breakthrough progress
  • A certification as a Mentor Coach that lends greater visibility to your skills and capabilities

Program Format

  • Small group mentor training (maximum 10 participants)
  • Six bi-weekly 2-hour sessions (total 12 hours) + assignments
  • Zoom platform; session recordings
  • Pre-course assignment: Breakthrough Intention worksheet
  • Preparation Form for each session for reporting learning and progress
  • Materials included: WWCM II Audio Program, Resource Manual, PCC Markers, and new MCC Anchors Observer forms, Breakthrough Intention worksheet, Session Preparation form, verbal and written feedback guidelines, and samples of written feedback
  • Participants must hold an ICF PCC or MCC Credential to participate

Achieve Greater Coaching Mastery Through ACMC Training

“Fran Fisher provided excellent mentoring that equipped me to transition from a Professional Certified Coach to a Master Certified Coach, credential just two months after our mentoring sessions ended.  She went above and beyond in assessing several of my recorded coaching sessions and transcripts and providing valuable feedback on each ICF competency.  While I had ups and downs on my learning journey to apply new coaching behaviors at a more advanced level, Fran was encouraging, optimistic, and supportive.  She helped me move through a breakdown to a breakthrough and from doubt to confidence.  She brings her authentic, cheerful, and buoyant qualities to her coaching work, and I am fortunate to have been her mentee.  Thank you, dear Fran, for your encouragement and support during this crucial professional development journey!”

Kathy Lee, MA, MCC
Executive Coach
Brain-Based Results Certified Coach, NeuroLeadership Institute






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