Working with Fran

Your Essential Nature

I believe lifelong fulfillment comes from being true to your essential nature.  I work with clients who believe that as they achieve greater personal mastery and fulfillment, they will also make a more meaningful impact in the world.

I offer comprehensive coaching and consulting programs for individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and groups in corporate and nonprofit sectors.  The programs we offer are focused on leadership strengthened through personal and professional transformation.

Connecting to Your Essential Nature


Connecting to your own brilliant essential nature is truly the key to living your life to the fullest expression, on your terms, in your own way, and offering your light to the world through your personal vision.  If you are interested in learning more about individual coaching or you are considering coaching as a profession, I invite you to explore my website and the programs I offer, check out my YouTube videos, and read the client quotes to learn how others have been supported in their personal and professional growth.

I invite all of my prospective clients to take the Taylor Core Value Index (CVI) Assessment as a starting point, so that would give you some valuable information to begin thinking about what you want in your life that has you considering the benefits of working with a coach.  I ask all who are interested in taking the CVI assessment to sign up and just do it!  It’s proven to be a valuable informational tool in learning more about yourself.   There are also some additional coaching options based on the CVI assessment that you may wish to consider.  You are welcome to contact me directly, and we can co-create a customized process and timeline that will serve your needs and schedule.

Be sure to sign up for my email list for updates and new coaching/mentoring programs, and please reach out to me personally with any questions you may have.  I welcome your call or email so we can explore the breakthrough you are now ready to create!

Coaching, Mentoring, and Offerings

I offer coaching services to professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders worldwide who are committed to personal and professional growth and to making a difference in the world.  I also mentor professional coaches and create virtual mentoring programs that provide continual learning that supports both personal and professional  growth.  The going learning for a coach takes us deeper into our own essence and core values, and the more we embody who we are at our very essence, the more fulfilling our work is for us and for our clients.

I have been a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) since its inception, have served the organization in a number of roles during the last 30 years, and for the last 26 years I have served as an exam assessor in the coach certification process.  I’m proud to contribute and advocate for the organization that has helped me and many others grow personally and professionally.  Additionally, I offer my mentoring services to coaches who are advancing through their professional credential levels.  Many have found that my self-paced learning program can help them understand more clearly what is required by the ICF credentialing process so they can attain their PCC and MCC levels feeling confident about their skills and knowledge.

Follow the links below to explore which of my services and products might be of interest to you.  And, you are always welcome to reach out to me personally with questions and to discuss possibilities.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I believe you will find it a rich resource for coaching information.

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