Resources for Professional and Personal Growth

I am pleased to offer a wide range of resources that support professional and personal growth.  These resources will be of most interest to professional coaches and include self-paced mentoring programs with downloadable reference materials, coaching demos, and other tools and resources related to coaching.  However, because coaching supports personal growth and development, anyone who is curious about coaching or seeking personal growth and deeper learning will value these resources.

I’ve created another Resource page linked here with free audio and video recordings, and my books, which are available on, are linked here.

Scroll down this page to see the topics that are most often requested for my speaking engagements and presentations to teams and organizations.  And, be sure to check out my blog and sign up to be on my mailing list.   If you have questions about coaching and the services I offer, please reach out to me directly via the Contact page.

Please explore whatever piques your interest — following your interests signals that your intuition is engaged and curious.  Who knows where your curiosity will lead?

Living True to Your Essence Recording

Living True to Your Essence Interview and Self-Empowering Tools

This is a live recorded interview with Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach, with MP3 downloadable audio file and two self-empowering tools for your use.

In this interview, Tim Rasmussen (an on-air personality from the Seattle area), asks Fran to describe how she coaches her clients in making meaningful changes through helping them identify their ESSENCE.  From that perspective, the client is then helped in identifying their core values, which guide the client in leading a life that are more meaningful and on purpose.  This interview offers a great opportunity to experience the power of coaching and is an in-depth introduction to Fran and her time-tested guidance in inviting clients to live from the inside-out.  The discussion encapsulates Fran’s coaching skills, extensive experience, and beliefs developed through years of coaching clients and exploring her own essential nature, which she believes is the key to doing what you love and living fully.

In addition to the audio, you receive two self-empowering tools that you can continue to use for ongoing support and guidance:

(1)  Self-Reflection Exercise:  How Fully Am I Living True to My Essence? 

(2)  A LifePlan Template to support life balance planning and self-empowerment


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Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Presentations

Described as “inspiring,” “authentic,” and “empowering,” Fran Fisher has captivated audiences around the globe with her insight and engaging style. From Istanbul to Shanghai, Fran has inspired her audiences to live true to their essence and create a personal vision for the future.

As a Master Certified Coach, author and speaker, Fran is recognized internationally as a pioneer and passionate champion of the coaching profession. Fran’s mission is to transform the way we live our lives – from just getting by to living a life filled with passion and purpose.

Her commitment to learning, growth, and transformation informs her interactive speaking style.  Audiences are invited to engage in meaningful conversations that inspire vision, possibility for change, and effective action.

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