My Portable Mentor

Are you…


Eager to expand your coaching knowledge but limited in time or money?

Apprehensive about  your ICF exams?

Lacking confidence with your competencies?

Needing fresh perspectives?

Seeking new, more effective tools?

Introducing My Portable Mentor

My Portable Mentor is an affordable, flexible, professional investment

MPM is ideal for you as a Coach who:

  • Wants to deepen your knowledge about coaching and expand your skills to be even more effective when working with clients.
  • Is going for the next ICF certification level and may need more hours for your ICF RD credits and certification.
  • Wants to refresh and/or affirm your knowledge of coaching principles and techniques!

Hi, I’m Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach.  Welcome to My Portable Mentor!

Join me on this exciting and deeply enriching journey of learning more about the coaching profession and the ways that we can support our clients in their own growth.  We can model the transformational process for our clients.  I’ll help you strengthen your professional and personal competencies to reach your goals and build your skills to empower clients in achieving theirs!

I will be your coaching guide, mentor, and program facilitator as we work together through My Portable Mentor.  I’ll share with you what I’ve learnd about coaching from my 30 years of coaching, training coaches, mentoring coaches, providing supervision, and assessing ICF exams at the PCC and MCC levels.   More than anything, I hope that you find your own transformation zone expanding and encompassing more than you ever thought possible!

I am sharing my highest and best practices that are proven to be transformational for your clients.

MPM is an affordable professional investment AND the self-paced modules allow you to complete the learning on your time schedule.  Additionally, this investment keeps on giving because you have a “life time” access to these materials when you purchase them — even when they have been revised and updated, which they will be to remain current and most useful to my clients.

Download the MPM Syllabus here.

What You Get When You Sign Up

24/7 Access to My Portable Mentor Resources

Internet access to My Portable Mentor’s downloadable MP3 audio files, Resource Manual, Transcript Journal for note-taking, and a 14 additional resource documents and forms in Word and PDF formats.  Your purchase is an investment that keeps on giving, providing you with “lifetime” access to these resources.

Portable Audio Files

Follow along the lessons in the Resource Manual with 17 streaming audios narrated by Fran that focus on and explain how the ICF Core Competencies can be demonstrated.  You can download these MP3 audio files individually and play them back on your favorite mobile listening device.

MPM Resource Manual

Your My Portable Mentor Resource Manual includes coaching quotes, Fran’s Coaching Bumper Stickers, the 2020 version of ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct, the Original ICF Core Competencies, and the 2020 version of ICF Core Competencies with comparison.

MPM Audio Transcript Journal

Follow along with the full transcript of the 17 audio modules using the Transcript Journal provided for your own notes that reinforce your learning.

MPM Resource Documents and Forms

These documents and forms (in MS Word and PDF formats) can be rebranded with your professional logo for use with your own clients.

Expanded Knowledge, Deeper Learning

The investment you’re making with the purchase of My Portable Mentor allows you to review the audios and materials as often as you wish to deepen the learning, refresh your perspective when needed, and support your personal and professional growth as a coach.

Opportunity for Personal Growth and Professional Development

The opportunity to cultivate greater understanding of the ICF Core Competencies will help build your confidence when it comes time to apply for the next level credentials.  The repetition and the continued growth exponentially expands your skills and your own personal growth.

Self Empowerment

Your own personal and professional self-empowerment is ignited through the MPM modules and sets the stage for your learning breakthrough.  You will show up more powerfully with your clients and for yourself as someone who lives from their essence and through their values.

My Portable Mentor is the booster shot I was looking for in my full life to keep my coaching skills sharp.  Fran’s explanations are clear and concise.  The examples bring the explanations home and give me an even clearer picture of the competencies.  I am excited to have Fran’s wisdom in my back pocket whenever I am in need of a refresher!

Lisa Roy, ACC

MPM Audios Focus on the ICF Core Competencies

Audio 1 – Introduction

Fran’s definition of coaching:  “Coaching is the space of unconditional love, where learning, growth, and transformation naturally occur.

Who are we called to be as coaches?

What brings you fulfillment?

Learning to feed your soul versus feed your ego.

Fran’s three stories:

(1)  My personal path to coaching

(2)  A little known fact about how the International Coach Federation was born

(3)  The origin of my definition of coaching.

Audio 2 – ACC, PCC, MCC

Do’s and Don’ts for Performance Assessment recordings

Inquiry Prep for Audio 3:  How important is it for me to be grounded in the Ethical guidelines of my Profession?

Audio 3 – Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

In this module you will expand your awareness of the many direct and indirect ways you can create and sustain a highly respectful, safe, and supportive environment for your client’s process.

  • How to prepare for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment (Ethics questions)
  • Six keys for clarity and grounding in the Ethics and Standards
  • A simple practice for empowering your professionalism

Inquiry Prep for Audio 4: What is important about establishing a coaching agreement?

Audio 4 – Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Part One: Contracting

  • The six key elements for establishing a highly effective, and empowering coaching agreement for a specific coaching conversation.
  • Creating a framework for a transformational conversation.
  • Clarifying a focus
  • Establishing a desired outcome

Inquiry Prep for Audio 5: What does my client want?

Audio 5 – Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Part Two: Contracting

  • Continuing to create a framework for a transformational conversation.
  • Exploring the client’s motivation Establishing a measure for success
  • Checking on direction
  • Closure

Inquiry Prep for Audio 6: How do I help my client deepen their self-discovery?

Audio 6 – Establishing the Coaching Agreement

Part Three: Problem solving versus client’s learning

  • Facilitating the client’s learning versus problem solving.
  • Shifting from driving and leading to empowering your client in building capacities to resolve their own issues going forward.

Inquiry Prep for Audio 7: How do I shine the light on the client’s greatness?

Audio 7 – The Four Power Tools

Introducing four power tools for calling forth the client’s greatness

  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Beliefs
  • Qualities of Being

Inquiry Prep for Audio 8: How do I demonstrate personal integrity, honesty and sincerity?

Audio 8 – Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

  • Building an environment of safety and trust. Exploring Trust
  • Exploring Intimacy

Inquiry Prep for Audio 9: What does it take to be fully present as a connected observer to the client?

Audio 9 – Coaching Presence

  • How to be a more connected observer
  • What does it mean/take to be fully conscious? Spontaneous? Open? Flexible? Confident?

Inquiry Prep for Audio 10: How do I listen as a learner?

Audio 10 – Active Listening

  • Active listening as a whole-body experience. How do I listen as a learner?
  • Overuse of reflecting.
  • Mastering the art of bottom lining.

Inquiry Prep for Audio 1: How do I ask questions that create new learning?

Audio 11 – Powerful Questioning

  • Mastering the art of asking questions that evoke discovery, insight, or new learning for the client.
  • Asking questions designed for exploring the client’s wholeness, hidden gifts, and strengths.
  • How to shift your closed questions to open-ended questions.

Inquiry Prep for Audio 12: How do I use language that has the greatest positive impact for my client?

Audio 12 – Direct Communication

  • How to use Direct Communication for providing significantly more positive impact for the client.
  • Direct versus Directive.
  • How to recognize and avoid “approval judgments” How to use “reframe” as an empowering tool Metaphor – taking the client deeper
  • Allowing sufficient space
  • The Art of Acknowledgment

Inquiry Prep for Audio 13: How do I help my clients make discoveries for themselves?

Audio 13 – Creating Awareness

  • Creating Awareness – the number ONE job of a coach
  • Helping the client discover new thought that strengthens their ability to move forward.
  • Shifting the client’s relationship to their issue.
  • Three distinctions of “What if?”

Inquiry Prep for Audio 14: How do I effectively partner with my client in designing actions or activities?

Audio 14 – Designing Actions

  • Bringing your creativity to designing actions
  • Calling forth the client’s creativity for designing actions
  • Mastering the art of brainstorming Helping the client “do it now.”

Inquiry Prep for Audio 15: How do I help my client broaden the scope of their learning and growth through their planning and goal setting?

Audio 15 – Planning and Goal Setting

  • How to help the client broaden the scope of their learning and growth through their planning and goal setting?
  • Three tips for demonstrating an advanced level of this competency that will boost your coaching at your PCC and MCC levels of mastery, and further empower your client in their self-discovery learning process.

Inquiry Prep for Audio 16: How well do I support my client in being successful?

Audio 16 – Managing Progress and Accountability

  • How to support your client in being successful?”
  • Five ways to hold attention on what is important to the client.
  • How to support the client to be accountable and responsible to themselves.

Inquiry Prep for Audio 17: What is important to me about being complete with my client?

Audio 17 – Completion

  • How to complete a coaching conversation. How to complete a coaching contract.
  • How do you know when it’s time to complete?
  • Fran’s golden nugget advice and contribution to you as your mentor. This practice will accelerate your path to coaching mastery, and beyond to greater success and fulfilment.

In the 17 sessions of this series:  What stands out for you? 

BONUS Materials in MS Word and PDF Formats for Your Use

  • Annual Completion Assignment
  • Art of Acknowledgement
  • Client Completion Assignment
  • Client Initial Inventory
  • Coaching Beliefs
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Intention Worksheet
  • Powerful Questions
  • Qualities of Being
  • Self-Reflective Practitioner
  • The Art of Brainstorming
  • Values Clarification Exercise
  • Wheel of Life
  • Working with Metaphor

My Portable Mentor  $197

Fran’s mentoring program really advanced my skills and self-confidence and has catapulted my coaching practice into another dimension! Fran showed me targeted yet simple remedies to use when needed, which has made me a much stronger PCC coach. I’m now honing my skills using the MCC distinctions and am going for the hours needed to get my MCC. Fran’s mentoring program was a great investment in myself and my coaching capabilities! I highly recommend it!!

Lisa Collins, PCC

Frequently Asked Questions about My Portable Mentor

What are the differences between the My Portable Mentor (MPM) audio series and The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery (WWCM) audio program?

  • My Portable Mentor (MPM)  is designed primarily for ACCs and PCCs who are in the early stages of their professional coaching journey.  MPM specifically addresses the ICF Core Competencies in more general terms as an aid to achieve the ACC, PCC, and MCC designations.
  • The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program (WWCM) offers advanced learning that builds on the foundational concepts provided in My Portable Mentor (MPM).  WWCM focuses on the ICF PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials needed to demonstrate the skills and competencies required for the PCC and MCC designations. The distinctions between PCC and MCC expertise are emphasized for clarity.

Would you recommend doing the My Portable Mentor (MPM) program before starting the Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery (WWCM) audio program?

The simple answer is “yes, and….”  The MPM audio series offers learning that is useful no matter where you are in your coaching profession journey.  Think of these recordings as your check-in with a mentor, which is beneficial any time before, during, or even after you have completed WWCM.   In the MPM program, I share foundational perspectives on the ICF Core Competencies that I have acquired during my 25-year coaching career.  WWCM takes a deeper dive into skill development.

Why does this course provide ICF Resource Development (RD) credits instead of ICF Continuing Coach Education Unit (CCEU) credits?

ICF CCEUs are awarded for live, synchronous training courses only.  MPM is a virtual, asynchronous training course comprised of pre-recorded modules and additional downloadable resource materials delivered as a self-paced learning program.  Again, the 5 RD credits for completing MPM may be applied toward any ICF credential renewal.

What about the changes ICF is making to the Core Competencies and the PCC Markers?

The ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers are not basically changing. They are being updated to current practices, the format is changing, and the language is being updated in some instances.  For example, the wording for the PCC marker “Creating Awareness” is changing to “Evoking Awareness.”

I will continue to update the MPM program audios and resource materials to stay current with any ICF changes to the Core Competencies, PCC Markers, or MCC Skills RequirementsBy purchasing this program, you acquire full, ongoing access to the MPM Program website and the MPM resources. You can revisit the site at any time and download the most current versions of the MPM audios and materials.

How do I receive my certificate for the 5 Resource Development (RD) Continuing Education credits?

When you have completed listening to all of the audio recordings, send me an email letting me know that you’ve completed the program and requesting your RD certification.  I will email you the certificate of completion for the My Portable Mentor (5 RDs) which you may use toward any ICF credential renewal.  My email is

How can I be notified of any new programs you offer in the future?

Thank you for asking!  By enrolling in this program, your contact information will be added to my mailing list.  You will receive email notifications of my future events, programs, books, and products. Please add my email ( to your email Safe Sender list.

I had lots of doubts about my coaching skills and ability to develop what was needed to attain the MCC level. Fran’s guidance and genuine intention helped me make the successful journey to become a Master Certified Coach.

Aref Al Mubarak, MCC

Fran’s coach mentoring program has elevated the quality of my coaching and mentor coaching. One of the many competencies I grew in was my ability to hold structure and sacred space for my clients in a more rigorous, powerful way. As a result, my clients consistently get greater value out of our sessions, and I can see the positive impact of my coaching growing. My investment in Fran’s program paid for itself and continues to pay dividends.

Marc Smith Sacks, PCC