My Innate Nature

Knowing others is intelligence.

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength.

Mastering yourself is true power.


My Innate Nature

Drawing on the essence of their deepest desires, participants in this program first give birth to extraordinary clarity of vision.  This is an inner vision we call your “I AM.”  Goose bumps, excitement, and tears of joy often abound as participants recognize their magnificence and begin claiming it!  Energized with the power and resonance of their innate nature, participants enthusiastically develop personal master plans that are designed to empower their True Self.  Miracles are simply the norm, visions become reality, and results exceed expectations.

—Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach, founder My Innate Nature

My Innate Nature Program

My Innate Nature® is built on the premise that clarity, balance, and fulfillment can only be found by understanding WHO you are and living from the depths of your true being.  It’s a proven life-changing process experienced by hundreds of professionals around the world.  This highly experiential coaching program is designed for those who want a comprehensive perspective and more fulfillment in their lives.  My Innate Nature is also prized by those who are ready to break through to their next level of personal and professional fulfillment.

Because of the program’s deeply personal and experiential nature—based on a personal exploration of oneself from the inside out—I offer this program only to individuals or small groups.

To determine whether My Innate Nature is right for you, ask yourself the following:

How well are you facing the unprecedented challenges in your world today?

Are you ready to be encouraged, inspired, and revitalized for greater fulfillment?

 Are you willing to invest time and energy on yourself—on WHO you are—so you can BE that person?

I believe WHO we are is being challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by unprecedented changes in our world—challenging our ability to access the full expression of our gifts, strengths, and creativity—challenging our ability to remain clear and grounded for shaping a vital new sustainable world for ourselves and for  future generations.

My Innate Nature Customized for Individuals

Experienced and influential individuals often reach a stage of life where they have the freedom and a strong desire to focus on their life purpose and self-actualization to develop a meaningful legacy.

The media is filled with stories about how admired leaders have made personal or career changes to live more true to their definition of a meaningful life:  Sheryl Sandberg, creating an authentic and fulfilling life; Marshall Goldsmith, modeling a life and business focus on what matters most; Arianna Huffington, who now says “well-being” is her definition of success.

If this resonates for you, My Innate Nature will provide you with a custom-designed, transformational process to:

  • Access your innate wisdom and essential nature
  • Re-assess, re-invent, and re-energize who you are
  • Achieve a greater sense of vitality and aliveness
  • Move to a higher purpose for meaningful influence
  • Enjoy deeper personal and professional fulfillment

You may choose to focus on:

  • Accessing your innate wisdom and creativity
  • Discovering “what’s next”
  • Eliminating unneeded stress
  • Clearing obstacles/limitations
  • Unleashing your authentic power
  • Experiencing more freedom, ease, joy, and pleasure in your life/work
  • All of the above!

“Fran’s greatest strength is in assisting her clients with discovering their vision and values.  She delights in helping clients “become who they are,” and relocate their locus of control from the outer world to their own inner authority.  I am in awe of her ability to zero in on the essential.”

—G.T., MD, PhD, Seattle, WA


My Innate Nature for Small Groups and Teams

My Innate Nature (MIN) is also designed for work groups, teams, or colleagues comprising 6-8 individuals.  Managers, supervisors, and other professionals have found the process invaluable in moving their careers forward, breaking through to the next level of personal and professional productivity and fulfillment.    Teams become clearer and more aligned on personal and organizational vision, mission, values, and strategies.

Personal and professional breakthroughs include:

  • increased courage and confidence, accountability, performance, and ability to influence others
  • improved communication skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities
  • Increased clarity of vision, purpose, and values
  • Personal transformation and shifting mental models
  • Deepening trust and connection
  • Enhanced synergy and collaboration

“What I valued most about my experience… safety and non-judgment…my Vision/Purpose statement …and how it came about.  Getting in touch with my inner self and expressing it.  Discovering my integrity, my gifts, other ways of being that are helping me be a better person.”

—D.B., CFO, Palo Alto, California

How the Program Works and What’s Included

My Innate Nature (MIN) is a 6-month, bi-weekly program delivered virtually in 12 two-hour modules.  The maximum number for groups is 6-8 participants, and there is an option to have Individual coaching provided at an additional cost.

MIN puts you firmly on a pathway to increased clarity, focus, balance, and extraordinary results.  The program (one-on-one or groups) includes:

  • Core Values Index (CVI) Assessment – you will discover your innate energy dynamics that predispose you to want to make certain kinds of contributions in your life in certain kinds of ways (based on Abraham Maslow’s work).
  • A comprehensive self-inventory pre-course assignment — A powerful experience of introspection and self-discovery.
  • Twelve 2-hour workshop modules — Your time to deepen connection with your Self; a heart-centered opportunity to discover your “I AM,” life purpose, core values, and then build a foundation to bring them into reality.
  • Resource Manual/Workbook
  • A personalized MIN Master LifePlan — Your roadmap for living in clarity and alignment and your step-by-step personal guide for actualizing the choices you make for yourself.
  • Fieldwork between sessions – Optional tools and resources for supporting you to stay on track and accountable, measuring your progress, and celebrating your accomplishments!  This includes 10 follow-up coaching sessions.

And, your facilitator, Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach, is a resourceful champion for your success!

“The same principles for leading apply to us in all areas of our life—family, community, business ourselves—it’s all about living our life congruent with our principles, beliefs, and character.”

—Kevin Cashman, Leadership from the Inside Out

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