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What Questions are You Living In?

I invite you to get to know yourself at a deeper level by identifying your true essence and your core values.  These, in turn, will lead you to living a more fulfilling life.

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Calling Forth Greatness:  Who I Am Being Empowers My Coaching (Podinar with Fran Fisher)

Fran delivers an engaging, informative presentation about empowering coaching clients using coaching strategies and the wisdom she has acquired during her 30 years as a master coach and master coach mentor.  This presentation was delivered on January 29, 2021, as part of Allison Whitmire’s Learning in Action podinar series, Healing the Divide.

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Fran Fisher, MCC, Guest Interview on Lyssa deHart’s The Coaching Studio Podcast

Are you a coach wanting to expand your coaching skills?  Watch Fran’s lively, in-depth conversation with The Coaching Studio host Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, BCC.  This delightful and informative podcast features masterful coaches sharing both professional and personal insights that you can use in your own life and profession.  These individual professional coaching interviews are filled with wisdom and examples to help you become a better coach.

Watch Fran’s interview here (Episode 19, December 23, 2021)

For more information about The Coaching Studio podcasts and Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, BCC, visit Lyssa’s site here.

Six-Part Interview Series Featuring Fran Fisher, MCC

Watch this six-part series of interviews with Fran Fisher, MCC, focusing on strengthening coaching skills.  Fran is interviewed by Meg Mann, MCC, focusing on the journey to coaching skills mastery.


Introduction to Interview Series – Presenting six interviews with Fran Fisher, MCC, conducted by Meg Mann, MCC.

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Part 1 – What is Mastery?    This video introduces Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach (MCC), and leads off the interview series with this all-important question for coaches.

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Part 2 – Falling into the Unknown     This video goes deeper into the challenges and rewards of mastery, which encourages and enables both coach and client to stretch their boundaries for growth and self-knowledge.

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Part 3 – Getting Triggered     In this video, Fran and Meg explore the challenges that can arise for coaches and clients and how to deal with them authentically and with sensitivity for the best outcomes.

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Part 4 –  Hearing and Seeing Mastery, An Assessor’s View     Fran has served as an ICF Certification Assessor for many years.  Hear what she has observed and learned from this unique vantage point and how she helps mentor coaches in the skills needed to achieve that next level of certification.

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Part 5 – Three Tips for the MCC Journey     Fran is well-known as a mentor to professional coaches seeking their ICF Master Coach Certification.  She shares three important tips about acquiring the skills needed to achieve this level of certification.

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Videos and Recordings for Coaches

The following videos and recordings are complimentary coaching resources provided to deepen the learning for coaches of all levels.  To keep up to date with Fran’s latest offerings, please opt-in for our mailing list by subscribing to Fran’s Wisdom Way blog in the footer of this page.


New!  Coaching Demonstration by Fran

Watch Fran’s 50-minute MCC coaching demonstration with a volunteer presented to coaching colleagues at Coach Collab, an online gathering place for coaching colleagues to tap into the power of collaboration with other coaches.

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Essence of Mastery Summits 2017-2019

The following three videos, approximately 1.5 hours each, are Fran’s presentations for the annual Essence of Mastery Summits.  Settle in and enjoy the learning!

Creating Sacred Space for Your Client (2017)  Watch here.

Mining for Gold – It’s All About Learning (2018)  Watch here.

Deeper Sooner – Establishing the Coaching Agreement (2019)  Watch here.


Here are more recordings you may enjoy…


Transformational Questions – Recorded for an ICF teleclass, these thought-provoking questions (and your responses to them) expand your self-knowledge and possibly uncover areas of your life that you may wish to change.

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Shining the Light on PCC MarkersThis recording will be of interest to coaches who are in the process of acquiring the hours and experience needed to achieve the ICF PCC coach designation.

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Demonstration of MCC CoachingThis recorded master coaching demo gives you a chance to experience the powerful process and the benefits that await you when you invest in yourself by working with a master coach.  The demo was recorded live and facilitated by Gail Moore (provided courtesy by Moore Master Coaching  at

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How to Establish a Clear Coaching Agreement – This recording shares the details of how to establish the “coaching agreement” with a client.  BONUS:  Download the PDF file Establishing The Coaching Agreement as a supplemental learning aidOpt-in required to access download.

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