I believe lifelong fulfillment comes from being true to your essential nature.  I offer comprehensive coaching and consulting programs for individuals and teams, both in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

The programs I offer focus on Leadership and Personal Transformation.   My clients believe that by achieving greater personal mastery and fulfillment, they will also make a more meaningful impact in the world.

It’s my great pleasure and an honor to support others in achieving their visions and greatest expression of themselves.

Coaching Individuals

I work with individuals who want to make changes in their lives for a wide variety of personal and professional reasons.  This is customized life coaching, and the process, goals, and outcomes are co-created in partnership with my clients.

Coaching is ideal for focusing on specific issues, goals, and other challenges that inhibit or limit a person’s enjoyment and fulfillment in life.  Coaching is not therapy, and it’s important to understand the distinctions.  Life coaching focuses on current life situations, with the client being the expert about themselves.  I, as the coach, serve as a focused and careful listener and observer, guide, and advocate to help bring about the clarity, self-awareness, and understanding that empowers my client.  The most common areas of client focus include:

  • Enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Increased focus and clarity about life direction
  • Enhancing performance effectiveness
  • Increasing creativity and innovative thinking
  • Deepening personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment

I offer all of my clients a free Core Values Index™ (CVI) Assessment when we start working together.  The CVI assessment “cracks the code” on revealing your innate, unchanging nature.  With more that a 97% repeat score reliability, businesses and organizations use the CVI to increase performance and profitability because it helps them put the right people in the right roles, doing the right work.  This free assessment benefits you through:

  • New level of self-awareness, taking yourself to your highest and best
  • Greater access and leverage for your innate strengths and capacities
  • Achieving more satisfying outcomes and results

All of the resources here on my website will help you understand the coaching process—and most importantly—the benefits you’ll receive through coaching.  My clients typically schedule phone coaching appointments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have so we can see how we might work together.

One Client’s Coaching Experience and Outcome

My client Barbara provided the following feedback regarding our coaching process and the value she received.  I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I thought I’d let her tell you her experience!

The coaching process shook me free of my old beliefs about myself and helped me see with absolute clarity who I am in this world.  My understanding of myself as a person was the first most amazing result.  From that point, my focus, direction, and ultimately my quality of life became my conscious state of being.  It catapulted me into greater self-awareness and it laid the foundation for how I live my life today.  I now live my life, moment to moment, with a deep sense of knowing myself and practicing the art of creating my life the way I want it to be.  Having a clear, powerful vision and purpose helps me move from victim to creator.  I am amazed to see that I am my vision and purpose right now.  I truly live it now. I grew to know it.  Now I live it.

“Imagine a world where we call forth the greatness in ourselves and each other, seeing one another as the sacred beings that we are.”

(from Calling Forth Greatness by Fran Fisher, MCC)

My Innate Nature

As an individual who is deeply interested in growth and personal and/or professional fulfillment, I invite you to also consider My Innate Nature, a 6-month, life-changing deep dive into getting to know your essential self and your core values.  Because of the program’s deeply personal and experiential nature—based on a personal exploration of oneself from the inside out—it is offered only to individuals and small groups of 6-8 people.

Learn more about My Innate Nature here.

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