MCC Advanced Competencies

“Imagine a world where we call forth the greatness in ourselves and each other, seeing one another as the sacred beings that we are.”

(from Calling Forth Greatness by Fran Fisher, MCC)

Mentoring for Experienced Coaches

When mentoring other coaches, I share my knowledge and all that I’ve learned during my 30 years as a professional coach and recognized leader in the coaching profession. I advocate for the continuous personal and professional growth that is so vital in our profession.

For coaches who are seasoned professionals, there may come a time when you find yourself wanting to rekindle that passion you felt when you began your coaching journey.  Or, perhaps life-changing events have occurred and you want to re-focus your attention and energies toward different goals.  Whatever the reason, having another master coach to accompany you in your exploration may be just the ticket!

I know from experience that it’s stimulating, empowering, and incredibly rewarding working with another master coach to make use of the synergy in creating the extraordinary outcomes that occur when we work together.  It would be my honor to support your continued journey at those times when a fellow traveler’s perspective would be helpful.  Together we can devise a program and identify outcomes that serve your needs and move you forward toward new goals.

Check out my small group mentoring program, Inspiring Competence, which has been designed specifically for experienced coaches.   Please note that the July 2024 course is full. 

Beginning with the September offering, the Inspiring Competence programs have been expanded to include additional master coaches as mentors.  And, the number of CCEUs and RDs have increased as well.  Learn more about Inspiring Competence mentoring program by downloading the current Inspiring Competence flyer below.

The next available Inspiring Competence Program is September, 2024, to January 20, 2025, meeting on Mondays: 9AM (PT), 10 AM (MT), 11 AM (CT), 12 PM (ET).  Download the September 2024 Inspiring Competence Program flyer here and the September 2024 registration form here.

Also, check out the Advanced Certified Mentor Coach Directory on this web site.  You may also reach out directly to Fran for her mentor referral list and any questions you may have about this program via the contact page on this website.

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