Wisdom Way Certified Mentor Coach Collaborative

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Wisdom Way Certified Mentor Coach™ Collaborative

Hi, I’m Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach.

I’m so pleased to introduce you to The Wisdom Way Certified Mentor Coach™ Collaborative.  WWCMC is a collaborative community of master coach peers ─ ICF MCC-certified coach mentors who are passionate about continuous learning, personal growth, and making a transformational impact in the world of coaching/mentoring.

Peer Collaborative of Master Coaches

If you are a master coach who is interested in peer support and an advanced yet intimate learning community, the Wisdom Way Certified Mentor Coach (WWCMC) Collaborative offers the unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with your peers and explore greater possibilities.

I’m excited to share this new resource with you and proud to introduce the masterful certified coaches who are included in the WWCMC professional directory here on my webite.  These highly skilled mentor coaches guide, support, and empower other professional coaches in their journeys to achieve coaching mastery.  There is much to be shared and learned among the members of this Collaborative, and I am personally inspired in my own vision of helping elevate the mastery of coaching on a global level.

The WWCMC Collaborative

We invite you to step into an intimate learning community. This collaborative is for those who want to:

  • Enhance their coach mentoring confidence and competence
  • Stretch themselves into new learning and growth territories
  • Leverage their strengths and passion for greater contribution
  • Continue to learn in collaboration with like-minded and like-spirited peers
  • Connect within community


Imagine the benefits, as together, we are:

  • Empowering our learning and growth in the safety of supportive and collaborative peer connections
  • Deepening our transformational presence
  • Enhancing our coaching, mentoring, and mentoring training skills
  • Enjoying visibility and credibility in the marketplace with our Wisdom Way Certified Coach Mentor brand affiliation directory published on Fran’s website
  • Highly respected and recognized globally in the field of coach mentoring


Pre-Requisites for the WWCMC Collaborative

This collaborative requires completion of these pre-requisites:

  • ICF MCC Accreditation
  • ICF MCC Bars Training
  • ICF PCC Markers Training
  • Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC) Training with Fran Fisher, MCC
  • Wisdom Way Certified Coach Mentor Collaborative Application for License

WWCMC Opportunities and Possibilities

The WWCMC Collaborative offers advanced learning that supports your professional status in consulting, coaching, mentoring, training, and other professional niches.  Beyond the extraordinary learning, you’ll receive support and constructive feedback to help you continue to advance your professional mastery and personal growth.

Your mentor coach profile will be published in the WWCMC Professional Directory on this website, plus you receive the Wisdom Way Certified Mentor Coach Certificate and Badge for your own marketing efforts.

You receive authorized use of the Licensed Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery II downloadable program for working with your mentees (additional fees required).

You receive optional use of authorized Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC) materials for working with your mentees.  See more about the Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC) program here (add link).

Small peer groups with 10-12 members maximum enable intimacy and connection; monthly community gatherings offer opportunities for connection, guidance, and support; sharing case studies; Q & A; etc. ; support and encouragement to partner with your peers and expand your growth professionally and personally.

Examples of topics for discussion and exploration:  marketing your mentorship; providing written and verbal feedback; evaluating scoring; administration of your mentoring business…and so much more to be suggested by Collaborative members.

“Fran’s coach mentoring program has elevated the quality of my coaching and mentor coaching. One of the many competencies I grew in was my ability to hold structure and sacred space for my clients in a more rigorous, powerful way. As a result, my clients consistently get greater value out of our sessions, and I can see the positive impact of my coaching growing. My investment in Fran’s program paid for itself and continues to pay dividends.”

Marc Smith Sacks, PCC

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