About Fran

About Fran

Fran Fisher is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) accredited by the
International Coach Federation. With an international client list,
Fran’s mission is to empower her clients in achieving their visions
while living their best lives. Her legacy to the international coaching profession demonstrates the value of personal and professional mastery and mentorship for all professional coaches.

Fran is a visionary leader, international speaker, and published
author. She specializes in providing coaching services for visionary
leaders, executives, and business owners, collaborative work teams, as well as coaching and mentoring for experienced coaches.

Recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 by the ICF
Chapter of Washington State, Fran is recognized internationally as
one of the pioneers and champions for coaching. She served as a
founding International Coach Federation, ICF, Executive Board
member, and co-chair of the Ethics and Standards Committee,
responsible for developing the Credentialing Programs for aspiring coaches and training schools. Fran was the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations, ACTO. She has been serving ICF as a PCC and MCC Credentialing Assessor
since 1998.

In 1991, Fran founded the Living Your Vision® (LYV) process for empowering individuals in transforming their visions into reality. In 1997, Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited schools. In 2005, shifting her focus to private practice. Fran sold the ACT and LYV businesses and their associated trademarks to I & AM, LLC dba inviteCHANGE.

Fran is certified in the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment as a Master VAR (Value Added Relationship) with Taylor Protocols, Inc. She provides coaching and consulting for her clients and training for Practitioners of the CVI assessment. Taylor’s CVI is a unique assessment that provides insight into the innate, unchanging core-driving nature of individuals. Additional certifications include Learning in Action EQ, Dependable Strengths, and TILT 365.

Fran has also authored several books, including
Violet’s Vision, www.violetsvision.com
The Illusion of Hopelessness, www.theillusionofhopelessness.com
Calling Forth Greatness, Seven Coaching Wisdoms for Transforming Your Life
Empowerment Selling, www.empowermentselling.com (Co-author)
No Winner Ever Got There without a Coach (Co-author)

Fran’s highest vision is a world where everyone is enjoying a rich and fulfilling life, living true to their
essence, life purpose, and values. She believes this is what the world needs of us—to be true to ourselves—and that coaching is the contribution we can make for this transformation in our world.

She is also passionate about restoring harmony with our Mother Earth and supports a number of initiatives focused on innovative ways to address environmental issues.

In 2016, Fran walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain as a personal challenge and vision quest. At
home near Seattle, WA, she enjoys ballroom dancing, long walks on ocean beaches, and hiking Pacific Northwest trails.


(253) 220-8782

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Fran’s Story

Fran FisherIn 1990 my life-long pattern of work-a-holism finally caught up with me BIG TIME! I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. For two years, I had been working 18-hour days six days a week. Not only were the hours crippling, but the job itself (in residential real estate management) was full of impossible deadlines and unrealistic profit expectations. I got to the point where I was shaking so badly that I couldn’t hold a teacup in my hand for fear of spilling the tea or dropping and breaking the cup.

Instead of checking myself into a hospital, I tried something else: I bought an airplane ticket, flew from Detroit to Portland, Oregon; rented a car and drove an hour and a half north to the coastal town of Seaside. There, I walked the beach for a week, thinking.

In the quiet of my solitude, with the sound of the ocean waves in the background, I heard: “Fran, it is time to put yourself in the center of your life.” It became clear to me in that moment: I had nearly killed myself trying to fix and resolve and manage and control the circumstances of my life and work. I was making things happen, oh, yes indeed, but I was living my life dependent on the approval of others versus trusting my inner wisdom. And I was worn out.

Without a backup plan, I gave notice to my employer, moved to San Francisco and took a year off to heal. I practiced listening for my intuition and acting on it. I started putting my own needs first instead of last. I took the time to really discover the essence of who I was – and how to live more congruently with my vision, my purpose, and my values. I called this my “inside-out” process. Rather than let the outside world dictate my happiness and self-worth, I created it from the inside.

During this time, I also began networking and sharing my own transformational “inside-out” process with small business entrepreneurs in a way that helped them achieve greater life and work satisfaction, fulfillment, and prosperity. The culmination of this experience was a process I created, called Living Your Vision®.

Also through networking, I met Laura Whitworth and Henry House, co-founders of the Coaches Training Institute, a leading coach training program. They invited me to attend their pilot coaching course, which I attended out of a simple desire for further growth. What I didn’t know at the time was that I could be instrumental in facilitating others’ growth – not just my own.

My resolve to pursue coaching as a career was cemented when Laura said to me: “Fran, if you already work with people, these skills are transferrable.” The resulting training I received only validated what I had already been doing intuitively. Thus, I launched my coaching career that now spans over 20 years, with recognition for being one of the pioneers of the coaching profession.

In 1997 I founded the Academy for Coach Training located in Bellevue, WA, integrating the Living Your Vision process into the foundation of our coaching skills curriculum. This allowed every student coach to experience their own transformation as the first step in learning how to facilitate personal transformations for others. ACT was one of the first schools to be accredited by the International Coach Federation, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession.

Since then, I have leveraged my coaching expertise with my “inside-out” approach, focusing on executives, organizations, and entrepreneurs, facilitating their personal transformation and growth as leaders.


International Coach Federation (ICF)
Master Certified Coach, current

November 2012 – Awarded 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, ICF chapter Washington State

International Coach Federation (ICF)
Exam Assessor, Coach Credentialing, 1998 – current
I am an exam assessor for those applying for their credential. One of my greatest pleasures is being a steward of the ICF Core Competencies and mentoring coaches to fulfill their greatest aspirations.

International Coach Federation (ICF)
Executive Board Member, 1996 – 1998

International Coach Federation (ICF)
Co-chair, Ethics & Standards Committee, 1997 – 1998
I was responsible for developing the credentialing programs for aspiring coaches and coaching schools.

Assoc. for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) Founding Member and Executive Director, 1999-2000
ACTO’S mission is to support highest quality coaching skills training.

Personal Professional Coaches Association (PPCA)
Board Member, Treasurer, 1994-1996