Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision - Fran FisherLiving Your Vision®

Living Your Vision®is a process that awakens the essential self and supports people at any level of an organization to (a) recognize their personal vision, purpose, and values, (b) align more fully with their authentic self (c) design a plan for living it, and (d) put that plan into action. I believe that authentic leadership and lasting change, is an “inside out” process.

“What we are seeing is an increasingly felt need for people to integrate the spiritual dimension of their lives into what they do for most of the day. People are starting to realize that if they are going to spend a good part of their lives in the office, they would like that time to be spiritually as well as materially rewarding.”

William McLennan Jr., Senior Lecturer
Harvard Business School

LYV® is a Custom Designed transformational process for individuals, one-on-one or small group workshops.

As human beings, we are each being called to a new level of consciousness. We are more aware today than ever before, that we have a choice to make: mediocrity, toleration, and resignation, or fulfillment, aliveness, and joy. I believe in the possibility of a shift in the quality of life in the work place as we each claim our authenticity and live it openly and honestly. We are each, then, a contribution to the consciousness that uplifts the whole web of being.


  • Evokes leadership
  • Enhanced creativity/thinking
  • Clarifies commitment
  • Facilitates clarity
  • Evokes passion, authenticity, courage
  • Clarifies values, focus and direction
  • Increases self-awareness, responsibility, accountability
  • Clears obstacles for enhanced performance
  • Promotes wholeness, life balance and well-being
  • Inspires vision and purpose
  • Increases personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment

How LYV works:

Foundational session 20-30 hours in person experiential workshop – one-on-one or small groups; On-site or off-site residential retreats; follow up teleconference sessions 12-24 hours for integration, implementation, and accountability.

What LYV Facilitates:

Clarity of vision, purpose, values, intentions, and action steps
Alignment of clarity with planning
Effective Action and follow through

Living Your Vision ® (LYV) is a process that has helped hundreds of people, in all walks of life, clarify and live their visions from the Inside-Out.

Participants recognize and reclaim their authenticity and begin living in alignment with their vision, purpose, and values. LYV is an unforgettable process that will support you in tapping into your essential self so you can make profound and lasting changes in your life.

A greater sense of freedom, enhanced well-being, deeper connection with self and others, and the manifestation of your heart’s desires are possible for you, too!

Living Your Vision ® is a unique, dynamic, and transformational process that facilitates people in moving forward from vision to reality, from the Inside Out. People who engage fully make extraordinary changes in their personal and professional lives.

Living Your Vision® is built on the solid premise and foundation that clarity, balance, and fulfillment can only be found by honoring your heart.

This idea is consistently reinforced by nationally known authors, speakers and trainers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer (Real Magic), Deepak Chopra (Magical Mind, MagicalBody), Thomas Moore (Care of the Soul), and Stephen Covey (Seven Habitsof Highly Effective People) to name a few.

The Benefits of the Living Your Vision process:

  • Empowers you to tap into your inner wisdom, guidance, power and passion
  • Facilitates you to discover and access your essential self so you can make profound and lasting choices in alignment with your core values
  • Supports you to produce and sustain positive results while appreciating the quality of your journey
  • Facilitates you to create a comprehensive, holistic MasterPlan that becomes a life-long tool for self-empowerment
  • Fosters the spiritual principles of wholeness and balance
  • Provides on-going coaching support for your positive and lasting change
  • Focuses on what’s working, clears obstacles and celebrates your wins–large and small

Living Your Vision® is for people who are:

  • Motivated for growth
  • Ready to initiate and embrace change
  • Unhappy with their job, career, relationship, etc., sense it is time for a change and don’t know what is next or how to get there
  • Clear on what’s next and don’t know how to get started or how to make the transition
  • Successful and want to raise the bar to their next level
  • Out of balance and are ready to experience greater vitality and wellbeing

*** Living Your Vision® is a registered trademark of I & AM, LLC dba inviteCHANGE