Who Am I?

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.   Who looks inside, awakens.”
— Carl Jung


Who am I?   What is my Purpose?   How do I live it?

We humans have been asking these three questions since the dawn of consciousness.  Your answers to these questions can lead you to defining yourself in new and more meaningful ways.


The Power in Creating Your Own Vision

I have re-defined Vision, Purpose, and Values in a way that is self-empowering and transformational, and my coaching process helps clients answer those core questions at a level deeper than ever before.

Vision = Being. Who am I?  Vision is defined as an inner vision, not the standard approach of a vision of an ideal future, but rather an inward recognizing the essence of who I already am. With awareness of your true nature, now you begin to see it, claim it, and own it.

Purpose = Doing. What is my Life purpose?  I assert that our grand life purpose is to “be” true to who we are. So, your life purpose is what you do that empowers you to “be” your essential Self.

Values = How. How do I live my vision and purpose? You can live your vision and purpose by being true to guiding principles and core values that honor your true self. For example, my personal top values include: Integrity, Partnership, Excellence, Gratitude and Freedom.


Honoring Your Values

The quality of our lives is directly related to the extent that we honor our values.  Clarifying your personal Vision, Purpose, and Values sets the stage for you to start living them more fully.


Barbara – From Victim to Creator

When I first met Barbara she was in mental overdrive.  She had just bailed out of a corporate career, and she was emotionally disconnected, spiritually unsure, and physically tired. Barbara shared with me that after zooming up the corporate ladder, everything came crashing down.

This was the catalyst that started her questioning who she was and “why”. She stayed in ultrasound, going to two more companies, before she finally realized something just wasn’t working for her.

Through the visioning process, Barbara discovered her unique Vision and Purpose:

I Am Truth, a magnificent Intuitive Presence and powerfully joyful Creator.

My purpose is to align my intuition and intellect, living Truth moment to moment, and trusting the gift of my centered knowing.

As Barbara began moving forward with her new found clarity of vision and purpose, moving her greatest obstacle was her lack of self-trust.  As she strengthened her self-trust, creating her life experience became her focus.  She calls it “an art form.”

“I now live my life, moment to moment, with a deep sense of knowing myself and practicing the art of creating my life the way I want it to be. Having a clear, powerful vision and purpose helps me move from victim to creator. I am amazed to see that I am my vision and purpose right now.  I truly live it now.  I grew to know it.  Now I live it.”

Today Barbara enjoys her dream job. She makes more money and works less with more ease, freedom, and fun.

Before, she was doing everything “they” wanted her to do. Now, she is being fearless. She has a “take it or leave it” level of authentic confidence in herself.

“It’s not about being prideful or confrontational,” she says. “It’s about being self-accepting and not attached to the outcome. As a result, I am contributing more value to my employer and clients and feeling way more fulfilled.  My advice is to live your life. Allow that wonderful inner intelligence to speak through you…Follow your bliss and be what you want to be!”