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The Wisdom Way

Coaching Mastery Program

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program is for you if you are a Coach who is passionate about personal and professional development and achieving greater coaching mastery — OR — you are a Coach Trainer, Mentor, or Supervisor who wants to deepen your own professional experience and develop advanced mastery to excel in your role.

Are you…

Overwhelmed by trying to master the PCC Markers?

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery (WWCM) program clarifies the PCC competencies through coaching examples that deepen your understanding. Give yourself the time to learn and then practice these competencies at your own pace. As your comprehension increases through using this coaching mentoring program, your confidence and skills increase.

Unclear about the distinction of PCC versus MCC and how to get there?

You’ll be able to understand the distinctions between the PCC and MCC skill and knowledge levels with the clearly-defined information and examples provided in WCCM. Through listening to the live recorded coaching sessions and practicing the skills and knowledge you’re learning, the differences will become apparent.

Challenged about helping your clients discover their underlying issues?

As your skills increase, your confidence in working with your clients will be strengthened by the knowledge you’re acquiring. You’ll be empowered to help your clients focus more easily and go deeper through self-discovery.

Highly motivated to breakthrough your own coaching comfort zones, blind spots, or outdated habits?

You’ll find that your investment in coaching mastery and the information provided in WWCM will help you address your own professional challenges to breakthrough to new levels of competence and self-awareness. Personal insights and increased confidence in your professional competencies propel your own growth that is modeled and shared with your clients.

Hi, I’m Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach. Join me for this exciting exploration into The Wisdom Way of achieving coaching mastery.  Strengthen your professional and personal competencies to reach your goals — and build your skills to empower clients in achieving theirs!

I will be your coaching guide, mentor, and program facilitator as we work together through The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program.  I’ll share with you the insights, best practices, and “secret sauce” I have developed over 25 years of coaching, training coaches, mentoring coaches, providing supervision, and assessing ICF exams at the PCC and MCC level.

Join me in this virtual learning environment as we work together to unleash all that The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Program has to offer. You'll receive more than 14 hours of PCC and MCC mentoring, information, specific examples, and demos. These mentoring services are valued at more than $2,000 and include:

  • Earn 14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits
  • Expand your coaching mastery and strengthen your coaching competencies
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients
  • Enhance your coaching skills for accessing your client’s transformational zone
  • Empower your own transformation through personal learning and self-actualization
  • Leverage your strengths and passion for greater contribution and deeper fulfillment

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

24/7 Access

Internet access to The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Participants’ Materials providing specific examples of how to demonstrate the PCC markers, and MCC Qualitative Essentials, coaching stories, and a library of recorded demos that illustrate the power of masterful coaching skills.

Resource Manual

You will receive access to a full-course Resource Manual in PDF Digital Format, which you can read online or print out on your home office printer. Follow along all the topics outlined in the Syllabus at your own pace and. convenience 24/7.


The opportunity to cultivate greater understanding of the PCC Markers and MCC Qualitative Essentials.

RD Credits

You can earn 14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits

Portable Audio Files

Follow along the lessons in the Resource Manual with 9 streaming audios narrated by Fran, (a total of 3.5 hours) that focus on and explain how the PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials can be demonstrated. You can download these Audio Files individually and play them back on your favorite mobile listening device.  

Recorded Demonstrations

A library of recorded demonstrations featuring full-length masterful coaching sessions (10 hours) with my mentoring feedback for the coach, plus demos focusing on Establishing the Coaching Agreement, Powerful Questioning, and more.

Self Empowerment

Your own personal and professional self-empowerment ignited by creating a New Story.  This self-empowering structure sets the stage for your growth as a creative start for your learning breakthrough.

Examples & Demos

You’ll receive more than 14 hours of PCC and MCC mentoring, information, specific examples, and demos.  These services are valued at more than $2,000

What people are saying about Fran's Mentoring Programs

I am pleased to share some of the feedback I've received from my clients who have participated in my mentoring programs. And, you are welcome to reach out to me via email with any questions you have regarding your specific coaching mentor needs.

Lisa Collins

Enter you

Fran’s mentoring program really advanced my skills and self-confidence and has catapulted my coaching practice into another dimension! Fran showed me targeted yet simple remedies to use when needed, which has made me a much stronger PCC coach. I’m now honing my skills using the MCC distinctions and am going for the hours needed to get my MCC. Fran’s mentoring program was a great investment in myself and my coaching capabilities! I highly recommend it!! 

Lisa Collins, PCC

Aref Al Mubarak

I had lots of doubts about my coaching skills and ability to develop what was needed to attain the MCC level. Fran’s guidance and genuine intention helped me make the successful journey to become a Master Certified Coach. 

Aref Al Mubarak, MCC

Marc Smith Sacks

Fran’s coach mentoring program has elevated the quality of my coaching and mentor coaching. One of the many competencies I grew in was my ability to hold structure and sacred space for my clients in a more rigorous, powerful way. As a result, my clients consistently get greater value out of our sessions, and I can see the positive impact of my coaching growing. My investment in Fran's program paid for itself and continues to pay dividends.

Marc Smith Sacks, PCC

There are 9 Audios exploring the ICF Core Competencies plus Additional Resources


Audio 1 - Introduction

My greatest pleasure is mentoring coaches who are passionate about continuous learning and growth as a human being and for greater mastery as a coach. In this module I am setting the stage for the course by sharing my personal philosophy for coaching and how it has shaped my coaching career and my brand.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a transformational zone for yourself and for your client.
  • Deepen your own learning and optimize your investment in this program.
  • Transition from PCC to MCC.


Audio 2 – Establishing the Coaching Agreement

In this module we will explore the benefits of establishing a coaching agreement for you and for the client. We will take a deep dive, with specific examples, into the ICF PCC Markers for this competency. You will learn how to take the client deeper sooner by facilitating the WHO route into their personal discovery process versus the WHAT route. I also provide tips about how to demonstrate establishing the coaching agreement at the MCC level.


Audio 3 - Establishing Trust and Intimacy

In this module you will expand your awareness of the many direct and indirect ways you can create and sustain a highly respectful, safe, and supportive environment for your client’s process.


Audio 4 - Coaching Presence

This, as you know, is a key competency! It’s all about who you are being. In this module you will learn what your mentor or an ICF assessor are looking for regarding these key terms and the skills they represent: “whole person,” “observant, empathetic, and responsive,” “curiosity,” “energy shifts,” etc.


Audio 5 - Active Listening

The impacts of our presence and our coaching skills are largely influenced by our listening skills. In this module you will take away tips for listening to the client at a deeper level that goes beyond what the client is actually saying.


Audio 6 - Powerful Questioning

This module is about how to ask clear, empowering questions that help clients explore their underlying issues, behaviors, and ways of being so they can find new ways of thinking and feeling that help them focus and moves them forward toward their desired outcome.


Audio 7 - Direct Communication

Greater mastery in this competency is using language that has the greatest positive impact on the client. You will learn how to make relevant contributions to the client’s learning and forward movement through your stated observations.


Audio 8 - Creating Awareness

The key theme in this competency is client learning. You will raise your own awareness of the many ways you can easily help the client raise their self-awareness, self-discovery, and learning process.


Audio 9 - Designing Actions, Planning & Goal Setting, Managing Progress & Accountability

Mastering this competency will give you the “power tools” to help anchor the session with the client and build in success factors for their forward movement. You will be provided with many specific examples that you can use in each of the PCC Markers in this competency.


BONUS - Supplemental Resources
  • Library of 18 Recordings of Masterful Coaching Demonstrations
  • ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • PCC Markers
  • MCC Minimum Skill Requirements
  • MCC Qualitative Observer Sheet
  • Values
  • Qualities of Being Words
  • Feeling Words

$297 USD

Your coupon code discount is taken at purchase

Your immediate return on investment includes:

PCC and MCC Core Competency Resources – These invaluable core competency resources support your efforts toward ICF PCC or MCC accreditation.

ICF RDs – You receive 14 Resource Development (RD) continuing education credits upon completion of the program!

Ultimately Digestible – Each time-saving module stands alone, rich with valuable content, new perspectives, and examples you can apply for furthering your skill development.

Portability – Take these audios with you to learn at your own pace when convenient.

 – Listen to one module at a time or spend an afternoon absorbing the concepts.  Review the modules as many times as you wish.

Live Demos – Full access to a library of masterful coaching demonstrations created during actual coaching sessions.

Lifetime Access – This program offers lifetime access to the WWCM program participant website and all its resources. You have access to all changes, updates, or improvements to the program content upon demand.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I receive my certificate for the 14 Resource Development (RD) Continuing Education credits?

About Fran Fisher

Master Certified Coach

Fran Fisher, MCC, is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers of the coaching profession. Fran was a founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). As Co-Chair of the Ethics and Standards Committee, she was responsible for designing the original credentialing programs for coaches and coaching schools. Fran was the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO). She is an ICF exam assessor.

Fran is President of FJFisher Coaching and Consulting, specializing in training and mentoring aspiring as well as seasoned coaches worldwide. Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 ICF Washington State.

Fran's Full Bio

A Note From Fran...

I hope you'll allow me to support you in advancing your coaching knowledge and skills by using my mentoring programs and other professional development offers. I encourage your continuous learning journey and celebrate your passion to succeed!

For me, coaching clients and mentoring coaches is deeply rewarding and satisfying—both personally and professionally. Being a witness for others as they awaken to their true essence, unique gifts, and personal power is both humbling and fulfilling.

Because you’re here on my Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program page, I believe you want the same for yourself and your clients. I look forward to sharing my insights and learning with you!