Invest in Yourself with
The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Program!

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program is for you if…

You are a Coach who is passionate about personal and professional development and achieving greater coaching mastery,


You are a Coach Trainer, Mentor, or Supervisor who wants to deepen your own professional experience and develop advanced mastery to excel in your role.

Join me in this virtual learning environment to:

  • Earn 14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits
  • Expand your coaching mastery and strengthen your coaching competencies 
  • Deepen your coaching presence and power with clients
  • Enhance your coaching skills for accessing your client’s transformational zone
  • Empower your own transformation through personal learning and self-actualization
  • Leverage your strengths and passion for greater contribution and deeper fulfillment

You’ll receive more than 14 hours of PCC and MCC mentoring, information, specific examples, and demos.  These mentoring services are valued at more than $2,000 and include: 

  • Internet access to The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Participants’ website providing specific examples of how to demonstrate the PCC markers, and MCC Qualitative Essentials, coaching stories, and a library of recorded demos that illustrate the power of masterful coaching skills.
  • Nine audios (a total of 3.5 hours) that focus on and explain how the PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials can be demonstrated.
  • The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Resource Manual, an extensive resource with how-to examples for each PCC Marker and the MCC Qualitative Essentials, plus a variety of additional resource materials and tools (see Syllabus).
  • A library of recorded demonstrations featuring full-length masterful coaching sessions (10 hours) with my mentoring feedback for the coach, plus demos focusing on Establishing the Coaching Agreement, Powerful Questioning, and more.
  • The opportunity to cultivate greater understanding of the PCC Markers and MCC Qualitative Essentials
  • Your own personal and professional self-empowerment ignited by creating a New Story.  This self-empowering structure sets the stage for your growth as a creative start for your learning breakthrough.

Join me for this exciting exploration into Coaching Mastery and personal empowerment!

Download the program Syllabus, review it, and then ask yourself, how can I not do this?    

Invest in Yourself

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Program to experience personal empowerment and greater coaching mastery! 

$297 for the entire program!  Buy now!


What is the difference between the My Portable Mentor (MPM) audio series and The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program series?

The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery (WWCM) offers advanced learning that builds on the foundational concepts provided in My Portable Mentor (MPM).

MPM addresses the ICF Core Competencies in more general terms as an aid to achieve the PCC designation.

WWCM focuses on the ICF PCC Markers and the MCC Qualitative Essentials required to demonstrate the skills and competencies required for the PCC and MCC designation.  Distinctions between PCC and MCC expertise are emphasized for clarity.

WWCM includes live demos to highlight the advanced competencies required to become an MCC. 

As with MPM, all recordings may be streamed or downloaded to your own device, and all materials are available to download.

Invest $297 in yourself and The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery program to achieve greater mastery. 

Buy Now!

I’ll be your coaching
guide, mentor, and program facilitator as we work together to unleash all that The Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery Program

has to offer.

I’m pleased to share the many insights, best practices, and

“secret sauce” I’ve developed during my 25 years of working with clientele that includes other master coaches, executives, and leaders from all over the world.  Not only will you benefit from this investment, but your clients will be more inspired and empowered through your mastery.

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